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Ameyoko on the world map.

Ameyoko (アメヨコ, Ameyoko?) is a location in The Final Fantasy Legend.


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The party arrives in Ameyoko from Akiba, a town that is nothing more than a marketplace. The main characters find a shopkeeper who asks them if they need a Board, and wants to know what ROM they have. He then gives them the corresponding Board. The party returns to Southwest Town by going through the subway.

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Name Cost
FFL Sword Icon.png Dragon 34,600 GP
FFL Sword Icon.png Ice 23,880 GP
FFL Sword Icon.png Elec 24,700 GP
CatCraw 23,200 GP
P-Sword 32,000 GP
Hyper 100,000 GP
FFL Shield Icon.png Ice 6,000 GP
FFL Shoe Icon.png Geta 3,000 GP
FFL Book Icon.png Stone 5,000 GP
FFL Book Icon.png Death 5,000 GP

Items 1[]

Name Cost
Strong 300 GP
Agility 300 GP
HP400 1,000 GP
HP600 5,000 GP
XPotion 200 GP
Shocker 100 GP
Eyedrop 500 GP
Needle 500 GP
Elixir 10,000 GP
Heart 10,000 GP

Items 2[]

Name Cost
Antidote 100 GP
Pan 100 GP
Symbol 500 GP
Revive 15,000 GP
Bell 100 GP
HP200 100 GP
Rod 1,000 GP
FFL Book Icon.png Elec 500 GP
FFL Book Icon.png Fire 500 GP
X-Kick 4,100 GP


  • Board


Ameya-Yokochō is an open-air market in the Taito Ward of Tokyo, Japan, located next to Ueno Station. In the present day, it is referred to simply as Ameyoko.