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Amdapor Keep is a Dungeon Dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV. It is an optional dungeon located in the Black Shroud which can be unlocked after finishing the main storyline.

Additionally, a higher level Amdapor Keep (Hard) dungeon exists, a redesigned and much more challenging dungeon which features a few elements of the original Amdapor Keep, released in patch 2.5.



Entrance to Amdapor Keep.

Once, the lost civilization of Amdapor thrived in the Twelveswood, her citizens wielders of powerful, yet forbidden magicks which could be used to alter the very fabric of existence. However, as is oft the case with peoples who fancy themselves gods, the self-assuring hubris of the Amdapori eventually became their downfall, and as quickly as they rose to power, did they disappear from the world. For generations, this relic of their once-mighty civilization has remained hidden in plain sight—cloaked by the elementals who sought only to prevent newer generations from stumbling across the ancient Amdapori magicks. That is, until the Lambs of Dalamud—a dark cult who worships the now-fallen lesser moon as a god—dispelled the elementals' glamour by means unknown, and claimed the keep as their own. Now the crazed followers use its ancient chambers to perform blood sacrifices in an effort to resurrect their evil lord.

In-game Description


Amdapor Keep

Musical themes[]

"Cracks in the Wall" plays as background music upon commencing the duty. "A Fell Air Falleth" plays while in combat with regular enemies.

"A Fine Death" plays while fighting the Psycheflayer and the Demon Wall. "Nemesis" plays during the battle with Anantaboga.

Behind the scenes[]

The Demon Wall is a recurring boss introduced in Final Fantasy IV. The battle taking place on a bridge mimics its boss fight in Final Fantasy XII.

Anantaboga is a notorious monster from Final Fantasy XI.