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The ruins of Amdapor in the South Shroud.

Amdapor was not always thus afflicted. Indeed, the city once owed an age of prosperity to the benevolent art of white magic. But that was before the War of the Magi. It is told that the enemies of the Amdapori abandoned all caution in their pursuit of victory, and used their dark magicks to summon a king among demons.

Amdapor (古都アムダプール, Koto Amudapūru?, lit. Ancient City Amdapor) is an ancient city in Final Fantasy XIV that existed in what is now the Black Shroud during the Fifth Astral Era. It was the birthplace of white magic, which had been developed in response to the great sorceress Shatotto's invention of black magic. The city would eventually be consumed by the War of the Magi and the resulting Sixth Umbral Era.

In modern Eorzea, two archeological sites of the city remain: Amdapor Keep and the ruins of the city itself, both of which appear as endgame dungeons.


As its history is entwined with that of the Twelveswood and the art of white magic, most research on the city has been conducted by the padjal of Gridania. During the War of the Magi, Amdapor created stone golems based on beings of light. It is said that during the War of the Magi, Amdapor's enemy, Mhach, resorted to summoning a great Voidsent named Diabolos. Diabolos and other Voidsent were imprisoned within the city by the Amdapori magi.

The War of the Magi ended in a calamitous flood which destroyed the civilizations of the era, Amdapor included. Afterward the elementals hid Amdapor behind the dense woodland of the Black Shroud, locking the secrets of white magic away to all but those the elementals chose so that such tragedy would not happen again.

The Voidsent attackers led by Diabolos would remain in the ruins of the city until the Seventh Umbral Calamity weakened the seal over 1500 years later. Another Voidsent, Ferdiad, was imprisoned in Amdapor Keep, and was surreptitiously freed due to the reckless acts of the Lambs of Dalamud.


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