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Ambling Bellows is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII. It is the mark of Cie'th Stone Missions 10, 18, and 22.

Mission Edit

10 - Hollow HopeEdit

Mark: Ambling Bellows
Locale: Archylte Steppe - Northern Highplain
Class: C

The war claimed my family.
The war claimed my home.
This focus is my last remaining hope.

I long for the release of crystal sleep. Perhaps when I wake the world will be a better place. I should hurry and destroy the ambling bellows raising havoc on the steppe's northern highplain.

18 - So Close, Yet So FarEdit

Mark: Ambling Bellows
Locale: Mah'habara Subterra - Twilit Cavern
Class: C

Who designed this place? It's a maze of dead ends! How am I supposed to find the ambling bellows? Knowing it's in a twilight cavern doesn't help much when I'm trapped in a maze of the blasted things!

Curse my luck. I'm running out of time. I'd every intention of fulfilling my Focus, and now I'm going to end up a Cie'th!

22 - Infernal MachineEdit

Mark: Ambling Bellows
Locale: Taejin's Tower - Second Tier
Class: C

Puissant soul, head my plea and we shall bring light to your dark path.

Know that an ambling bellows holds my power thrall within this spire. Slay it and I shall once more be free.

If you can but restore the strength of my two brethren and I, here on the second tier, the way will be opened unto you.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

Similar to the related Boxed Phalanx enemy, Ambling Bellows can call and power up the Cryptos, and is a formidable foe on its own as well. It will call more Cryptoses if they are all destroyed.

Strategy Edit

A quick way to defeat it is to gain a Preemptive Strike, which almost fills up the chain gauge. A single strike should be enough to Stagger it, whereupon it can be launched and quickly defeated. Failing this, one could fight until the party's HP is low, and then summon an Eidolon, restoring health and allowing the enemy to be more easily defeated.

Etymology Edit

Its Japanese name is Spartan. Sparta was a prominent city-state in ancient Greece. Given its military pre-eminence, Sparta was recognized as the overall leader of the combined Greek forces during the Greco-Persian Wars. Sparta was unique for its social system and constitution, which focused on military training and excellence. Its inhabitants were classified as Spartiates (Spartan citizens, who enjoyed full rights), Mothakes (non-Spartan free men raised as Spartans), Perioikoi (freedmen), and Helots (state-owned serfs, enslaved non-Spartan local population). Spartiates underwent the rigorous agoge training and education regimen, and Spartan phalanges were widely considered to be among the best in battle. Spartan women enjoyed more rights and equality to men than elsewhere in the classical world. Sparta was the subject of fascination in its day, as well as in the West following the revival of classical learning.

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