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Ambition for Provenance is a time-limited event where Kam'lanaut from Final Fantasy XI can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario may include characters not yet recruited by the player.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.
(The airship begins to shake)

  • Laguna: Whoa! What's going on!?
  • Cid: I hope there aren't any numbskulls up on deck! If there are, hold on tight!
  • Laguna: Careful, Cid! Both hands on the wheel!
  • Setzer: Don't blame this one on the pilot.
  • Cecil: No question, that's the cause there.
  • Laguna: Where? Is that...a giant Torsion!?
  • Setzer: It seems someone wants our company. Talk about tacky invitations.
  • Cid: Exactly! At this rate, we'll be sucked in!
  • Cid: I can't shake it! If we're gonna be swallowed, it might as well be nose first!
  • Cid: I'm takin' her in!
  • Laguna: Hey, hey! You can't be serious!

(The party finds themselves inside a Torsion)

  • Cecil: Is this really someone's trap? There aren't even any monsters around...
  • Kam'lanaut: You will find no traps here. I have been waiting for you, warriors of the goddess.

(Kam'lanaut appears)

  • Setzer: Kam'lanaut... You were waiting for us? Do you enjoy kidnapping people by the airshipful?
  • Cid: Airships're full of delicate instruments, y'know! You're paying for anything broken!
  • Laguna: Yeah! And I was outside! You almost broke my neck!
  • Cid: Aww, you're tough. You can take a bump or two.
  • Setzer: Let's not make this any more complicated. Just keep quiet for a bit, please.
  • Laguna: Oh, right. It can wait. Let's find out what he wants.
  • Cecil: Eald'narche isn't with you?
  • Kam'lanaut: I have come to you to discuss a matter.
  • Setzer: "Come" to us? That's a funny way to put it when you dragged us in like that.
  • Setzer: I've about had it up to here after what you did to our airship. Care to explain?
  • Kam'lanaut: I need not answer you. Let us do battle.
  • Laguna: Well this is going nowhere. Talk about an unreasonable yahoo...
Point of Antagonism:
  • Kam'lanaut: ......
  • King: ...He's still standing, even after all we've thrown at him.
  • Lion: That just shows how desperate he is.
  • Snow: If you're tired, rest up in the back. I'll cover you!
  • Sabin: As will I. You won't see me lose in a battle of endurance.
  • Kam'lanaut: ...That's enough.
  • Snow: What's that?
  • Kam'lanaut: Continuing the fight is pointless. As long as there are traces of our fight, there will be no doubts.
  • Kam'lanaut: Take my coordinates. Use them as you see fit.
  • Lion: What!?
  • King: What was the point of antagonizing us? Was this some sort of charade?
  • Kam'lanaut: Say whatever you will.
  • Lion: You made fools of us... We were trying our hardest to defeat you!
  • Kam'lanaut: It would have been a problem had you not. If you had gone easy on me, I would have crushed you completely.
  • Snow: But why do you want to join us?
  • Kam'lanaut: How presumptuous. I am simply lending you a hand. I am not "joining" you.
  • King: Then why help us?
  • Kam'lanaut: To put it simply...
  • Kam'lanaut: To discern the intentions of Spiritus and his warriors, I must see things from Materia's side.
  • King: Spiritus's warriors... Including your brother Eald'narche.
  • Kam'lanaut: Yes. All of his warriors.
  • Kam'lanaut: I opened this Torsion with my own hands...
  • Kam'lanaut: Only those existences I permit may enter.
  • Snow: Does that mean you secretly wanted to become our ally? In that case, there was no need to fight.
  • Kam'lanaut: I suppose such lowly humans wouldn't understand.
  • Kam'lanaut: People will be suspicious if you emerge unharmed from a Torsion.
  • King: You don't want Spiritus's other warriors to suspect...
  • King: No. You want to avoid Eald'narche's suspicion.
  • Sabin: You really don't trust him? Even though he's your brother?
  • Kam'lanaut: It is because I trust him that I am being used.
  • King: So now you want to use us.
  • Kam'lanaut: Think of it as using each other.
  • King: And what will Eald'narche think if he saw you fighting beside us?
  • Kam'lanaut: It matters not. It is enough that I could contact you first.
  • Kam'lanaut: If not, it would have been difficult for us to talk.
  • Kam'lanaut: ...That is all. Do as you please.

(Kam'lanaut opens a Torsion for the party to exit, except Lion)

  • Lion: We don't trust you.
  • Kam'lanaut: The feeling is mutual.

(Lion exits into the Torsion)

Brotherly Thoughts:

(Kam'lanaut arrives from a Torsion to join Eald'narche)

  • Eald'narche: You failed, didn't you? I expected as much, but useless nevertheless.
  • Kam'lanaut: ......
  • Eald'narche: They hardly looked hurt. You should have tried harder.
  • Kam'lanaut: Choosing who will be of use is not easy.
  • Eald'narche: No matter. I care not as long as you stay out of my way.
  • Kam'lanaut: I have no intention of hindering you. But, in that case, I would like to hear everything from you.
  • Kam'lanaut: Why are you working with me, whom you once tossed aside?
  • Eald'narche: Trust in me, my little brother.
  • Kam'lanaut: ...I do.

  • Lyse: Just taking Kam'lanaut's coordinates isn't easy.
  • Lyse: He used our dark manikins for his own purposes, after all...
  • Mog: I know how you feel, kupo. I hate it when people mess with my pompom!
  • Sabin: It's hard to just accept it. You have a connection to him, right, Lion?
  • Lion: ...He's someone I could never trust.
  • Sabin: ......
  • Lyse: I don't quite understand, but...if we toss these aside just because we don't understand, we'll never know.
  • Lyse: This might be our chance.
  • Lion: Chance to what?
  • Lyse: To talk to him, properly. We might be able to learn something from him.
  • Lion: Gosh... You're a gutsy one, Lyse...
  • Lyse: I've been around all kinds of people, so I'm sure I've gotten it from them.
  • Lyse: You're curious about him, too, aren't you, Sabin?
  • Sabin: Yeah... Though I haven't thought it out as far as you.
  • Sabin: Kam'lanaut said he believed in Eald'narche, didn't he?
  • Lyse: It sounded a bit cynical if you ask me. Maybe it was his way of saying it.
  • Sabin: I think that's probably right. But I think he truly believed in him before.
  • Sabin: He believed in him, but something happened that changed that.
  • Sabin: I can't imagine what that's like. If I were betrayed by my brother...
  • Lyse: Edgar would never do something like that! You know that, right?
  • Sabin: Of course. But that's why I feel bad for him...
  • Sabin: Not that that excuses anything he's done. I'm not clear on it all anyway.
  • Sabin: ...He's an enemy to people from Lion's world, like Kefka is to us.
  • Sabin: And while I have no desire to understand Kefka...
  • Sabin: Kam'lanaut's from a different world, and I wonder if we might be able to understand and save him, is all.
  • Lyse: What do you think, Lion? You don't need to agree with us. We'll respect your opinion.
  • Lion: ...I just can't think anything good of him.
  • Lion: But, like you two said...something happened to him. If we have the chance to talk to him, maybe we can understand each other, and maybe he can change.
  • Sabin: It would be great if he could.
  • Shantotto: How naive you are to believe that change comes with such ease! Shall I teach you a simpler way to sway your prey?
  • Lyse: A simpler way?
  • Shantotto: If you wish his change to actualize, a pecking order you should devise.
  • Shantotto: I care not what you do, just that he's alive once you're through.
  • Shantotto: His existence will be of great assistance to my research. Ohohoho!
  • Sabin: I'm so glad she's on our side...
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