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Amazon Fire, previously known as Kindle Fire, is a line of tablets and smart devices manufactured for Seattle, Washington-based retailer, Inc.

About the Fire platform[]

Evolving from the well-known Kindle series of e-readers, created an independent branch, or fork, of the Android platform using its open-source code. The system would then be modified to tie into the company's retail platform. Early versions were simply referred to as Kindle Fire system software based on Android, but the platform was renamed Fire OS with the third-generation tablets and beyond. The Fire HDX series of tablets was the first to use the software under its present name. Being a fork of Android, Fire devices can run Android apps, provided that an app does not make explicit requests to Google Play and meets certain other criteria. The current major version is Fire OS 7, released in 2019.

A number of Square Enix titles have been ported to the Fire family of devices by way of Android, which are available through the Amazon Appstore.

Square Enix titles on Amazon Fire[]

Final Fantasy series[]

Title Version Release date Devices Price
Final Fantasy III 1.1.2 August 28, 2017 All USD 15.99
Final Fantasy IV 1.2.4 August 22, 2017 All USD 15.99
Final Fantasy V 1.2.1 August 24, 2017 Tablet, TV USD 15.99
Final Fantasy VI 1.0.4 September 17, 2015 All USD 15.99
Final Fantasy IX 1.4.9 April 26, 2017 Phone, Tablet USD 20.99
Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition January 28, 2019 Tablet Free (In-app-purchase required)


Title Version Release date Devices Price
Adventures of Mana 1.0.7 June 23, 2016 All USD 13.99
Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire February 21, 2019 Phone, Tablet Free-to-play
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius 3.4.5 February 28, 2019 Phone, Tablet Free-to-play

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