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Amaurot is a location from Final Fantasy XIV. It was a city in the original world of the Ancients, but was destroyed by the Sundering along with the original world. The Ascian Emet-Selch created a replica of Amaurot from its ruins on The First to maintain the city and its people from his memories.


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Amaurot is the greatest city of the Ancients on the original star. The city itself is no more due to a calamitous event involving wild creation magicks, and Hydaelyn sundering the world. The ruins of Amaurot presumably existed on the Source and all of the Shards, however only those on the First have been discovered due to a lack of calamities to completely destroy it. Emet-Selch recreates a memory of Amaurot moments before the calamity taking place over the ruins within the Tempest, which the Warriors of Darkness travel through to face Emet-Selch.

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Amaurot is a four-person duty, and the final dungeon of the Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers expansion pack. It requires all players to be at least level 80.

Another level 80 dungeon, Akadaemia Anyder, is also located within the city.

Musical themes[]

"'Neath Dark Waters", Amaurot's background music, is an arrangement of the track of the Tempest area. Another arrangement plays during the Amaurot duty, called "Mortal Instants".

Behind the scenes[]

The city is inspired by the fictional capital city Amaurot in Thomas More's Utopia, with several references to the novel located within the city. More's Amaurot is described as a place where individual wealth does not exist, and everyone contributes to society as a whole. Additionally, various locations within Amaurot are locations within More's Utopia, including Achora (Achora Heights), Polyleritae (The Polyleritae District), and Macarenses (The Macarenses Angle).

The concept of the replica Amaurot is similar to the Dream Zanarkand from Final Fantasy X. Both are magical recreations of cities from highly-advanced civilizations at their height, made by their respective leaders to preserve their people's legacies in the face of calamity. Most of their citizens express no awareness of the passage of time, the existence of other places, or even their true nature as constructs (though there are exceptions to this). The Convocation's act of sacrificing half their population to summon Zodiark also mirrors Yu Yevon's sacrifice of Zanarkand's remaining citizens to create the Dream Zanarkand. Finally, both cities have a connection to water: Amaurot existing deep at the bottom of the sea, and Dream Zanarkand far out in the open ocean.