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The Amanojaku is an enemy found in Final Fantasy XIII-2. It is only found in the Bresha Ruins in -005 AF- after Atlas has been destroyed, and the probability of it appearing can be very low. It is the first tamable Synergist to be found.



It appears with Notsugo. Usually it is not very difficult to defeat, but found as it is at the beginning of the game, there may be low level players that come across it. Those such that have not yet unlocked Medic should be wary of the damage output of the group of six spellcasters. Element Guard may help.

Paradigm PackEdit

The Amanojaku is a Synergist. It learns all the elemental attack spells, but does not learn any other commands. In addition it possesses very low HP growth. Therefore it may be more worthwhile to infuse the Amanojaku into another Synergist that does not possess any of the En-spells, like Yakshini or Gigantuar.

Amanojaku's utility as a source of En-spells is a little compromised by its rarity at low player level, but more importantly, it learns Auto-Vigilance after Enfire and Enfrost, and on the way to Enthunder. Auto-Vigilance is potentially a detriment, as it is not valued as highly as Auto-Protect and the like, but is ranked higher than them (Auto-Protect is Rank 7, Auto-Vigilance, Rank 8). So much higher, in fact, that Auto-Vigilance is impossible to get rid of without yellow-locking up to nine other abilities.

One obvious alternative to Amanojaku is Mewmao; not only does it have the same En- role abilities, and gets them at lower level than Amanojaku does, it can add the valuable Resist Magic +36% passive ability at the same time. Other sources of en-spells include Fachan, Gancanagh Ace, Luminous Puma, Miquiztli, Oannes, Purple Chocobo and Thexteron, and two limited-supply monsters: Leyak and Nanochu.

Monster statsEdit


Ability Level Type Infuse
Enfire Initial Command Y
Weak Spot Initial Passive N
Enfrost 2 Command Y
Resist Dispel: +10% 6 Passive Y
Auto-Vigilance 13 Passive Y
Enthunder 20 Command Y
Resist Dispel: +44% 29 Passive Y
Resist Dispel: +66% 37 Passive Y
Enaero 45 Command Y


  • Green – HP
  • Red – Strength
  • Purple – Magic


The Amanojaku in Japanese folklore is a small demon, or oni. Amanojaku means heavenly demon spirit.

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