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The hulking Amalj'aa are a race of nomadic beastmen who inhabit the grasslands of Paglth'an, where they subsist by hunting the native wildlife. These worshippers of the primal Ifrit believe that the region of Thanalan has been purified by sacred flame. In their efforts to reclaim this holy land, Amalj'aa warriors have clashed time and again with the forces of the sultanate of Ul'dah.

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Amalj'aa are a race of lizard-like beastmen in Final Fantasy XIV who worship the primal Ifrit. They are found mainly in Thanalan, with their stronghold of Zahar'ak being located in Southern Thanalan.


The Amalj'aa are tall with a muscular physique, and have a martial culture. Fitting their worship of Ifrit, enemy Amalj'aa specialize in fire-based skills, such as Enfire. They possess general knowledge of metalworking, and have been known to tame fire drakes.

As the primary focus of the race is the summoning and empowerment of their patron primal, they often come into conflict with the other races of Eorzea, and are long standing enemies of the city state of Ul'dah. They frequently attack travelers and trading caravans, both to steal the large amount of crystals needed for their rituals, as well as to gain captives for Ifrit to "temper," permanently making them loyal servants to Ifrit and the Amalj'aa. These rituals are conducted at the Bowl of Embers.

In the First, the Amalj'aa are known as the Zun. Originally a nomadic race, they were forced to settle in the Crystarium due to their home being wiped out by the Flood of Light. The Zun are valued in the Crystarium's society for their skill in raising livestock and domestication of amaro and chocobos. Unlike the Amalj'aa who wear steel into battle, they wear the bones and hide of amaro that passed on.

Brotherhood of Ash[]

Separate from the main Amalj'aa force is a small splinter group known as the Brotherhood of Ash. Unlike the rest of their race, the Brotherhood is a society of honorable warriors. Their leader, Hamujj Gah, claims that all of Amalj'aa society was originally like theirs, before the reliance on Ifrit worship (or, more specifically, Ifrit's relentless tempering of his adherents) corrupted the rest of the race.

The Brotherhood considers the main Amalj'aa forces to be their sworn enemies. Unlike their kin, the Brotherhood are relatively friendly, if somewhat distant, towards members of other Eorzean races, and have been known to ally with them against their common foe. Recently, they have also developed relations with the friendly factions of Ixal, Sahagin, Sylph, and Kobold, creating what they refer to as "The Beastman Alliance."


Wind-up Amalj'aa is a minion the player can acquire.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Amalj'aaTribe TCG.png

The Amalj'aa appear in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game with a Fire-elemental card.