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I must not let my father down... Not only must I bring peace to Saronia...but the whole world as well. There is much work to do, and there will be time to mourn later.

Alus Restor

Prince Alus Restor, also known as Allus, is the young crown prince of Saronia in Final Fantasy III. The party meets him after he has been exiled by the king, and he becomes a supporting character for a time, aiding the Light Warriors with white magic.



Alus is a young boy with white hair. He wears a long orange cloak. His NES sprite is red and white and he wears a crown, whereas his Yoshitaka Amano artwork depicts him wielding a longsword.


Alus is an outspoken prince, but is shy and has fallen on hard times. In the 3D remake version Arc takes a liking to him despite the age difference, as both of them were belittled in the past. When new responsibilities are laid upon him, he believes that he can no longer see Arc due to his duties.


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King Gorn sacrifices himself to stop Gigametz from forcing him to kill Alus, from the Nintendo DS remake.

Alus was kicked out of the castle by his father, King Gorn, who had been acting strangely. Alus meets the party and befriends Arc when he defends the prince in a tavern. With encouragement from Arc, he decides to confront his father. King Gorn is being controlled by Gigametz, the retainer of Saronia, who tries to have the king kill his son. The king stabs himself, as he would rather die than hurt his beloved son.

After the Warriors of the Light defeat Gigametz, who turns into the monster Garuda, Alus becomes the king of Saronia. Alus later appears in the Crystal Tower to help dispel the Curse of the five wyrms on the Warriors of Light. When the party enters the World of Darkness, Alus stays behind with the others to await their return.

Some time later, Alus is crowned king of Saronia. His duties mean that he can no longer see his friend Arc.

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In the 3D versions, Alus can aid the party by using the low-level White Magic spells Confuse and Aero.

Prince Alus plays a role in finding the secret Iron Giant's Cave dungeon, which requires the player to receive all four letters from the Fellows and Prince Alus. To get the last letter from Prince Alus, the player must have completed all three of the optional dungeons, defeating Odin in Saronia Catacombs, Leviathan in Lake Dohr, and Bahamut in Bahamut's Lair. Arc must be the party leader to receive any letter from Prince Alus after the first.

Other appearances[]

Yūkyū no Kaze Densetsu: Final Fantasy III Yori[]

Alus is the prince and last survivor of the destroyed kingdom of Solados. He journeys with the Warriors of Light on the surface. His role overall is very different from the games, more closely resembling that of Aria.

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Alus TCG.png

Alus appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game.

Other media[]

In the Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls and subsequent remakes of the original Final Fantasy, Alus is one of the automatic names the player can choose for the Warrior Job class.