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Alte Roite is a boss in Final Fantasy V. It guards the treasure chests in the prison section of the tower in the Interdimensional Rift.


Battle Edit

Alte Roite may use Encircle, which removes a party member from battle. When defeated, Alte Roite transforms into the Jura Aevis.

Strategy Edit

One strategy used to avoid fighting Jura Aevis is using Berserk on it and defeating it. That way, it cannot transform.

Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

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  • Appears as the boss of Deltascape V1.0 in his Jura Aevis form.
  • His Jura Aevis form can be obtained as a mount called 'Alte Roite' from Deltascape V4.0 Savage.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy Edit

PFF Alte Roite
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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Alte Roite FFV

Alte Roite transforms into Jura Aevis when defeated, kupo! Alte Roite only makes physical attacks, so it pays to lower his Attack using Power Break, and boost your allies' Defense with abilities like Protect! Jura Aevis rains down magic attacks on the whole party, dealing damage to your heroes based on their max HP, or in the case of Maelstrom, damage based on their current HP. When hit by these brutal attacks you should heal up your party using abilities like Cure, kupo! It also uses the group magic ice attack Frost Blast to Sap and the ability Entangle to Paralyze one of your heroes, so it's a good idea to bring Regen and Esuna! Jura Aevis absorbs fire, ice, lightning and wind, and it's immune to earth, so avoid those elements! Both foes have no Slow resistance, so use that to give your heroes a leg up, kupo!

Dr. Mog's Advice

The Alte Roite appears as a boss in the Dimension Castle, Part 1 Core Dungeon, where it once again transforms into the Jura Aevis. On its own the Alte Roite only uses physical blows.

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Alte leute is a German phrase meaning "old people".

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