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Altair is a town from Final Fantasy II. Located south of Gatrea and further south of Fynn, it is used by the Wild Rose Rebellion as a provisory base while Fynn is under the control of Palamecia.


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The secret base of the Wild Rose Rebellion at Altair.

Altair is the first town visited by the player's party. Firion, Maria, and Guy are brought here after their escape from Fynn. The White Mage Minwu heals their wounds, and they are then brought before Princess Hilda to explain their story. After learning of Altair's resistance to the Palamecian invasions, the three join the rebel cause. Soon they are assigned on their first mission: to retrieve Mythril from Semitt, so that the rebels can equip themselves with Mythril gear created by Tobul.

Altair is one of four settlements (the others being Gatrea, Paloom, and Poft) that are attacked by the Dreadnought shortly after its initial take-off, leaving many of their inhabitants dead or dying. The young warriors are then sent on another quest to get the Sunfire from Kashuan, and use it to destroy the Dreadnought and save Cid and Princess Hilda, who were captured.

After rescuing Princess Hilda from the Dreadnought, the King of Fynn passes away. Gordon is given the place of commander of the army of Fynn, Minwu is sent to search for the Ultima Tome and Firion and the party are sent to contact with the Dragoons of Deist. Upon reporting on their genocide, Firion is called by the princess into her private room.

After unsuccessfully trying to seduce Firion, she reveals herself as an impostor, the Lamia Queen. Firion defeats the Lamia Queen, and his party rescues the real Hilda at the Coliseum. After this rescue, the Wild Rose Rebellion launches a large-scale assault on Fynn, and are successful at taking Fynn. With Fynn back, Fynn becomes the Rebellion's main base of operations.

Altair is obliterated (along with the same three towns that the Dreadnought attacked) by Emperor Mateus, who summons the Cyclone, which renders the towns inaccessible to the player from then on. Like the entire World, the weak enemies initially living in the fields surrounding Altair are replaced with much more difficult monsters after this point.

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Weapon Shop[]

The weapon shop in Altair.

Normal Shop[]

Item Cost (DoS/Anniversary) Cost (Origins)
Knife 40 gil 150 gil
Staff 50 gil 250 gil
Javelin 80 gil 300 gil
Broadsword 100 gil 400 gil

Mythril Merchant[]

Item Cost (DoS & Anniversary) Cost (Origins)
Mythril Knife 400 gil 800 gil
Mythril Mace 600 gil 1,500 gil
Mythril Spear 600 gil 1,500 gil
Mythril Sword 700 gil 1,800 gil

Armor Shop[]

The armor shop in Altair.

Normal Shop[]

Item Cost (DoS & Anniversary) Cost (Origins)
Buckler 50 gil 50 gil
Leather Cap 50 gil 80 gil
Clothes/Shirt 20 gil 20 gil
Leather Gloves 30 gil 50 gil

Mythril Merchant[]

Item Cost (DoS & Anniversary) Cost (Origins)
Mythril Shield 300 gil 500 gil
Mythril Helm 300 gil 300 gil
Mythril Armor 700 gil 1,000 gil
Mythril Gloves 500 gil 800 gil

Item Shop[]

The item shop in Altair.

Item Cost (DoS & Anniversary) Cost (Origins)
Potion 30 gil 50 gil
Hi-Potion 150 gil 500 gil
Eye Drops 40 gil 100 gil
Antidote 30 gil 200 gil
Cross 50 gil 1,000 gil
Mallet 60 gil 2,000 gil
Maiden's Kiss 500 gil 2,500 gil
Gold Needle 500 gil 2,500 gil
Phoenix Down 500 gil 5,000 gil
Ether 1,000 gil 2,500 gil
Cottage 2,000 gil 5,000 gil
Elixir 50,000 gil 50,000 gil

Magic Shop[]

The magic shop in Altair.

Item Cost (DoS & Anniversary) Cost (Origins)
Fire Tome 150 gil 400 gil
Blizzard Tome 150 gil 400 gil
Thunder Tome 150 gil 400 gil
Cure Tome 100 gil 200 gil


Item Location
Potion Wild Rose Base
Canoe From Minwu


In Town[]

Lamia Queen Battle's battle background.

Outside, before Cyclone[]

Altair on the World Map.

Outside, after Cyclone[]

Altair after its destruction by the Cyclone.

Musical themes[]

The theme that plays in Altair is the Final Fantasy II "Town" Theme. A notable track also heard in Altair is "Rebel Army Theme", which plays only inside the Wild Rose Rebellion's headquarters.



Altair is the brightest star in the constellation Aquila and the twelfth brightest star in the night sky.

Before Final Fantasy Origins was published, a popular romanization of the city's name was Altea, which was used in the Demiforce fan translation of the Famicom version of the game. This is the Italian and Spanish form of Latin Althaea, from Ancient Greek Ἀλθαία Althaía, which means "healer". This is plot-appropriate, as the party is first brought to Altair to be healed after their near-fatal encounter in Fynn. The name can also be seen as a positive epithet to the home of the Wild Rose Rebellion, which opposes Palamecia and strives to recover Fynn.