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Template:Images Altair is a non-player character in Bravely Second: End Layer. He is a man from the Celestial Realm who offers vital information about the overarching plot, and seeks to reunite with his long-lost wife, Vega.



Having died a long time ago, all that remains of Altair is his soul, which can be housed within other people. Throughout the story, Altair is represented either as a disembodied voice or, at times, through Tiz's appearance by possessing his body, although he retains his own voice.

During the events in Via Celestio, faded white silhouettes of Altair can be seen, making him appear much like an older Yew.


Altair is shown to be very amicable and good-natured, often coming forward with advice and encouragement towards the party. He offers a number of "green proverbs", small life lessons using assorted vegetables for comparison.

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Altair used to be a researcher on the Celestial Realm, considered brilliant and accomplished. In a winter day, he decided to go skiing, and when he sat on the ski lift, he saw himself in the presence of a beautiful woman. Not long on their way up, a snowstorm halted the lifts; seeing the woman appear frightened, he plucked a snow blossom from a nearby tree to offer to her. They parted ways without even knowing the other's name.

By a trick of fate, their paths would cross again in the spring. Seeing that Altair was becoming more and more successful, his higher-ranking scientists demoted him to another, less resourceful facility out of jealousy. Angry, Altair stormed out in the cold, pollution-loaded rain, and was stopped by that same woman, who shared her umbrella with him. It is then that he would learn that her name was Vega, and she was a researcher in this facility as well.

The two gradually fell in love, and in the summer, Altair invited her to a festival, where the two watched fireworks and scooped goldfish together. He also confessed his feelings to her, which she returned.

Despite the hardships of working in an underfunded laboratory, Altair found unconditional support from Vega in every turn as they studied and brainstormed together. Vega also encouraged him to eat vegetables, which he hated, by offering helpful advice that drew from the plants' characteristics.

After some time, Altair decided to propose to Vega and reserved a lavish dinner during a night he describes as "holy". He asked simply and bluntly for her hand in marriage, but did not have a ring, as he poured most of his earnings back into their research and could not afford it. She accepted, and they soon held a ceremony to be wed.

Altair planned for the both of them to go to Luxendarc, and finally gave her a ring not long before parting. However, by accident, he alone came to Luxendarc, while Vega stayed behind. As he tirelessly continued his research, he sought ways to return to the Celestial Realm so that they could be reunited, without success.

As an accomplished inventor, he created both fantastic and mundane devices and was heralded as a legend. Although he died of disease in his adult life, his grief over being unable to reencounter his beloved kept his soul afloat.

During the story, he is channeled through a soulstone and nests into Tiz's body, aiding in his revival. He hides his existence from the party at first, writing entries in Yew's Diary with a purple pen to denote that it's none of the other four writing them. This earns him the nickname, Man With The Purple Pen.

He first reveals himself during the events in Sagitta, controlling Tiz's body but speaking with his own voice. He aids the party in the battle against Geist and explains his circumstances and interest in Ba'als, in addition to the note that he can only control Tiz's body during night time. From this point on, both him and Tiz are aware of what happens with and around the body regardless of who is in control.

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Altair is the brightest star in the constellation Aquila and the twelfth brightest star in the night sky.

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