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Cardinal Alphonse Delacroix also known as Alphons Draclau, is second-in-command of the Church of Glabados as well as a famous knight of the Fifty Years' War in Final Fantasy Tactics. He is the lord of Lionel Castle.

He uses the unique job class Cardinal.


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Delacroix is helping the Lucavi demons retrieve the auracites, magickal stones which are the Lucavi's conduits to exist in Ivalice. He learns that Besrudio Bunansa has the Taurus Stone and hires Ludovich Baert, leader of the Baert Trading Company, to seize it. They capture Besrudio, but his son Mustadio escapes. Baert's mercenaries hunt him down, but he is saved by Ramza Beoulve and Agrias Oaks who are on their way to Lionel to seek shelter for Princess Ovelia.

The cardinal greets them and reveals that he has the Scorpio Stone. He tells Mustadio about the Zodiac Brave Legend and agrees to shelter Ovelia. Agrias remains with Ovelia, while Ramza and Mustadio depart for the Clockwork City of Goug to find Besrudio.

Delacroix has Ovelia imprisoned, but Agrias escapes. Meanwhile, Ramza and Mustadio run afoul of Baert. Baert obtains what he believes is the Taurus Stone, but is actually a fake. He takes it to the cardinal who, discovering it to be a fake, kills Baert and hires Goffard Gaffgarion in his place. Ramza and Mustadio escape Baert's minions and return by an alternate route, rescuing Agrias in the process.

Gaffgarion sets a trap at Golgollada Gallows, but is unable to defeat Ramza upon his arrival and retreats to Lionel where he sets a second trap at the gate. Delacroix greets Delita Heiral and fellow demon-possessed church official Folmarv Tengille. Folmarv informs Ovelia that she is not the princess she thinks she is, and Delita takes her to Duke Goltanna.

Fighting Ramza[]

Ramza kills Gaffgarion and makes his way inside the castle, where he, Agrias, and Mustadio confront Delacroix, aware of his involvement with Baert. Delacroix reveals that Ovelia is no longer around and transforms into Cúchulainn, a Lucavi demon. He attacks Ramza and company, but is killed. Ramza is later branded a heretic by the High Confessor Zalmour because of what occurred in Lionel, claiming that Ramza killed the cardinal and stole the auracite.

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The cardinal's power in the Church is second only to that of the High Confessor himself.

Cardinal is a story-related job used in cutscenes and serves no purpose in battle. It possesses no action abilities, reaction abilities, support abilities, and movement abilities. Curiously, the developers did take time to give it a job description.

Prerequisite Weapons Helmet Armor Equip Shields?
None Knives None Robes No
Move Rate Jump Rate Speed Physical Evasion Rate Base Attack Base Magic Base HP Base MP
3 3 6 10% Average Average Average Average


Delacroix transforms into Cúchulainn to battle Ramza and the party.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Knights of the Crystals[]

KotC Cardinal.png

Alphonse Delacroix's job Cardinal appears on a gold card.


De la croix means "of the Cross" in French.

The name Alphonse means "eager" or "noble".

Altogether, the character's name translation, "Noble of the Cross", fits his position as cardinal. A cardinal is a senior ecclesiastical leader, an ecclesiastical prince, and usually an ordained bishop of the Roman Catholic Church.