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Alphascape V2.0 is the second fight of the raid Omega: Alphascape in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.

Story Edit

Normal Edit

You have conquered Chaos, a primal force of deific power. Omega, frustrated in its attempts to process the results of your improbable victory, has decided to conduct a supplemental stage of testing. Drawing on the incomplete data of a foe who once stood firm against Omega itself, the machine generates a new simulacrum for you to face: the legendary Midgardsormr, Father of Dragons.


Savage Edit

The switch taunts you. You cannot resist. A satisfying “click” and your moment of weakness has activated a new phase of the Savage Initiative. This time, however, something is different. The broadcast is interrupted by an unexpected transmission─a message from beyond oblivion. A familiar voice guides you in an unfamiliar tone, and arms you with knowledge of impossible simulations. Your evolution is at hand.


Progression Edit

Normal Edit

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