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Please! I beg of you! Find my father! You're his only hope!

Alma bas Lexentale

Alma bas Lexentale is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV. She serves as a supporting character in the Return to Ivalice raid series.


Alma is the daughter of playwright Arazlam Durai, who goes by the stage name Jenomis cen Lexentale. Jenomis inherited the Durai Papers from his ancestor Orran Durai, who was burned at the stake for authoring them. From what little he could translate of the ancient documents, Jenomis determined that they told the tale of The Zodiac Brave Story, a Garlean legend previously thought to be just that—Legend. He also gleaned the names of two seemingly pivotal characters in the legend who had been forgotten by history, Ramza and Alma. Now convinced the legend was real, Jenomis made it his life's mission to prove it, and to this end named his children Ramza and Alma to serve as a constant reminder of his quest.

When Jenomis goes missing in the ruins of Rabanastre, Ramza and Alma seek out family friend Cid nan Garlond to aid in finding their father. Cid in turn recommends they recruit the Warrior of Light, which Alma does in spite of Ramza's objections, as he does not believe they need the aid of foreigners. He nevertheless relents when reminded that they are currently themselves foreigners in the city of Kugane, and leads the Warrior and their allies into the city while Alma stays behind. They successfully rescue Jenomis, but Alma believes her father changed by the experience, and is unnerved by his continuing obsession with the The Zodiac Brave Story.



Alma is a young girl with red hair. She wears a green corset dress with white accents, as well as a blue shawl over her shoulders. She also wears a blue necklace that once belonged to her mother.


Alma, a girl of fifteen summers, is considered to be more rational than her brother and father. She is often portrayed as the wisest of the family. She is extremely loyal to her father even after they left Garlemald and has adapted quite well to the sudden departure.



The Hebrew word almah means "young woman", and is the root of the Spanish alma, meaning soul.

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