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All Creation is Yuffie's ultimate Limit in Final Fantasy VII. It is a physical attack that hits all enemies for 8 times Yuffie's base damage. Throughout most of the game, All Creation deals more damage against multiple targets than any of Yuffie's other abilities, though Doom of the Living is still more potent against single targets.


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Cool! This should do it!


The All Creation manual is obtained after defeating Godo, the final boss of the optional Pagoda sidequest in Wutai Village. Using it allows Yuffie to learn the ability once she has all her other Limit Breaks. Yuffie's Limit Break manual can be obtained the earliest as soon as the player has the Tiny Bronco, and is thus one of the earliest Level 4 Limit Breaks the player can get along with Aeris's Great Gospel and Red XIII's Cosmo Memory.


All Creation hits for eight times Yuffie's base damage to all targets. This means it can easily deal 9999 damage to all targets, especially with Conformer equipped, and makes it very effective for wiping out mobs of enemies. Its damage output is higher than Doom of the Living against multiple targets, even taking into account the greater time spent charging the Limit Break. However, Doom of the Living's damage is slightly higher against single targets.

All Creation's damage is based on Yuffie's Strength stat and currently equipped weapon. Yuffie's stats are average across the board, making building her towards physical damage very viable. In some cases, players will prefer to keep her Limit on level 1 for Clear Tranquil, though otherwise, Yuffie can turn to other sources of healing, and the damage provided by All Creation can make it a better choice. Much later in the game, if Yuffie's physical damage approaches or reaches 9999 a hit (possible with the Conformer, a very high Strength stat, and multiple boosts to her damage), Doom of the Living outclasses All Creation.


  1. The meaning of the term Shinra Banshō (森羅万象) can be interpreted/translated as the statements "all creation", "the whole creation", or "all things in nature".