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Alive Forest on the world map.

The Alive Forest (いきているじゅかい, Ikiteiru Jukai?) is a location from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.


The forest is located just east of the Focus Tower, and contains a Giant Tree. Benjamin and Tristam are unable to get the Giant Tree to do anything, so they have to go find Kaeli in Aquaria. Benjamin and Kaeli then return, and Kaeli is able to talk to the Giant Tree. It allows the heroes to enter it so they can get rid of the monsters inside. After the heroes defeat the Gidrah, the Giant Tree transports them across the forest, allowing them to continue to Windia.

Warp panels[]

If the player saves the game after warping from any of the warp panels, the player's save data will have the Foresta location written on it. This is an error, as the panels can be seen across the forest on top of the large tree stumps where the warp panels leads to. The Libra warp panel becomes unreachable after the Giant Tree transports Benjamin and Kaeli across the forest due to it disappearing from the map.

Warp Panel Image Located Warp To
Mobius FFMQ Mobius Warp Panel.png Underneath the single tree near the entrance. Inside the northern tree stump.
Gemini FFMQ Gemini Warp Panel.png Underneath the single tree in the southeast area. Inside the tree stump right to the north.
Libra FFMQ Libra Warp Panel.png Underneath the single tree in the southwest area. Inside the tree stump in the center of the forest.


  • 3x Cure Potions
  • 3x Heal Potions
  • 3x Refreshers
  • Giant's Axe
  • 3x Cure Potions and 3x Heal Potions (via the Mobius Crest)
  • 10x Explosives (via the Gemini Crest)
  • 3x Refreshers (via the Libra Crest)




  • Level Forest is located in the northeast section of the Alive Forest map (not to be confused with the World Map), sharing the same palette which results in having a "decayed" version of the map that is never actually seen in game.