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Beowulf: "Where gone is the noble Ser Aliste - the knight I once trusted with my life?"
Aliste: "The man has long since passed!"

— Beowulf duels Aliste, Final Fantasy Tactics

Aliste Rosenheim is a character from Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. A Templar and former lieutenant of the Gryphon Knights of Lionel, he is Beowulf's friend and rival.



Member of the Gryphon Knights

Originally a lieutenant, Aliste fought side-by-side with Beowulf. Beowulf considered Aliste his most trusted soldier and a worthy rival. Aliste was overjoyed when Beowulf announced his engagement to Reis Duelar. However, when Beowulf was exiled by Celebrant Bremondt, he was promoted to captain.

Bremondt's Plan

FFT Aliste's Defeat

Aliste's defeat.

Aliste eventually realized he was suffering from a terminal disease. Deciding he wanted to die fighting Beowulf, Aliste agreed to kidnap Reis for Celebrant Bremondt. When Beowulf and Reis were visiting Lionel with Ramza, Aliste appeared and kidnapped her, much to Beowulf's surprise. Aliste told him to come to Lionel castle if he wanted to see her again.

Beowulf and Ramza arrived at the castle. When they saw the open gate, they realized it was a trap, prompting Aliste to appear before them. A fight ensued between them, and Aliste was eventually slain. On his dying breath, he explained to Beowulf how he wanted to die fighting him, before the disease could take his life. Beowulf, upset at his friend's death, proceeded onward to kill the man who had used his friend like this.

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Aliste starts as a level 48 Templar with 80 Bravery and 35 Faith, and comes equipped with the Save the Queen, Genji Shield, Genji Armor, Genji Helm, and Ribbon. He has access to the Spellblade and Iaido commands, as well as Shirahadori, Safeguard, and Master Teleportation. He must be defeated twice in order to complete the battle.

When fought in Rendezvous Missions #14: Brave Story, he is level 99 and starts with 70 Bravery and 58 Faith. He comes equipped with the Ragnarok, Genji Helm, Genji Armor, Genji Glove, and Kaiser Shield. He has access to the commands Spellblade and Iaido, as well as the abilities Safeguard, Shirahadori, and Move +1.


  • Considering the ability to choose which hand a character can hold their weapon in, Aliste can be considered left-handed.
  • Although it may have no ties to the origin of his name, Aliste shares the name of the Rosenheim Poltergeist happenings.Template:FFT
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