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Alicia is a minor character in Final Fantasy Tactics. She is a Knight of the Lionsguard, a group of knights charged with the protection of the royal family. She was recruited by the Holy Knight Agrias Oaks, though she later joins Ramza Beoulve's party, and remains even when Agrias stays behind to guard Princess Ovelia.


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Alicia and Lavian serve under Agrias's command, coming to Orbonne Monastery as escorts for Princess Ovelia. They are trapped in the chapel during an attack by the Order of the Southern Sky, and defend the princess alongside a trio of mercenaries, led by Goffard Gaffgarion, including Ramza Beoulve and a squire named Ladd. The attack is repelled, but Delita Heiral kidnaps the princess while the knights are distracted. Lady Agrias resolves to give chase, and Alicia dutifully follows, becoming a member of Ramza's entourage.

If Alicia is still in the party when Agrias reunites with Ovelia, she will also be present.

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Joining Ramza's party[]

At the end of Chapter 1: The Meager, Alicia is recruitable along with Ladd and Lavian while Agrias and Gaffgarion become guests in Ramza's party.


Alicia is recruitable at the player's choice, along with Lavian and Ladd, at the end of "Chapter 1: The Meager", while Agrias and Gaffgarion become guests in Ramza's party. Alicia joins at level 8 with 61 Bravery, 62 Faith, and equipped with the Iron Sword, Buckler, Iron Helm, and Linen Cuirass.

Though technically a named character, Alicia has no native abilities beyond that of a normal Knight, and acts like any of the other generic unit that begin the game in Ramza's party, or those recruited from the Warrior's Guild. She can be sent on Errands along with other generic units.

Keeping Alicia in the party is a prerequisite for the quest Tynar Rouge, the reward from which is a special accessory for females.


Alicia is the Spanish form of Alice. Alice is a feminine given name used primarily in English and French. It is a feminized form of the Old French female name Alis, short form of Adelais, derivation from the Germanic name Adalhaidis from the Germanic word elements adal, meaning "noble," and haid-, meaning "heather."