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Alianne Vellegrance is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy XIV. She is an adventurer who later volunteers to join the Crystal Braves.

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A Realm Reborn Edit

Alianne and her companion Isildaure are among the NPC adventuring groups seen during the early Main Scenario quests that introduce Sastasha, the Tam-Tara Deepcroft, and Copperbell Mines, along with Edda's group and Dolorous Bear's party. She initially explains themselves as old companions on the road. When met at the Tam-tara Deepcroft, they nearly met their demise due to a mis-step, and reminds the Adventurer that one must "look before they leap" in dangerous places. At Copperbell Mines, they explain that Dolorous Bear's party all perished to the hecatoncheirs, and suspected their overconfidence did them in.

Alianne is seen again in Patch 2.3 Defenders of Faith during the quest "Recruiting the Realm," where she enthusiastically signs up with Alphinaud's Crystal Braves. Shortly before the inauguration, she mentions Isildaure has finally retired from adventuring, so she's free to commit to the new company, becoming a lieutenant of the 4th unit. During the Patch 2.4 quest "Back and Forth," the Adventurer helps her unit rescue one of their wounded comrades, Rhesh Polaali, after they were ambushed in Castrum Centri. During the Patch 2.5 quest "On the Counteroffensive," her unit took part in the counter-operations against Garlean raiders harassing the Ceruleum Processing Plant.

In Patch 2.55 Before the Fall part 2, shortly before the Sultana's banquet, Momodi explains that Alianne had left a note for the Adventurer asking to meet in private outside Nanawa Mines. She notes that Alianne did not finish her meal and behaved strangely. At the designated meeting spot, Alianne never showed up, but the Warrior of Light found an odd bottle. Shortly thereafter, Laurentius confirmed he hadn't seen Alianne wander near there, but as the Adventurer left he gave an ominous look and spoke into his linkpearl. The mysterious bottle was used by Teledji Adeledji to accuse the Warrior of Light of poisoning Nanamo Ul Namo, as Ilberd and many Crystal Braves (including Laurentius) turned traitor. Alianne's fate after this is unknown.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Edit

It is later revealed that she survived the betrayal by Ilberd and his followers, and is among the Crystal Braves who remain loyal to Alphinaud, even after the company's disbanding.

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