Early this morning, I passed the caravan from Alfitaria. They proudly marched right past me! I must admit, they were an impressive sight.

Diary entry, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Sol Ratch- Male Lilty (will later retire to raise son) Alan Gyle- Male Lilty (becomes new leader once Sol Ratch retires) Donny Marce- Male Lilty Ent Dalace- Male Lilty

The Alfitaria Caravan is an all-Lilty caravan in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, from the city of Alfitaria. They are the first caravan met by the Tipa Caravan. Their leader is Sol Racht, who frequently comments on current happenings, particularly those dealing with the Black Knight. Sol Racht will introduce you to Stiltzkin as well as Mog in a single player game.


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

In Echoes of Time, there is a Headgear and Body Armor called the War God Sallet and War God Armor that makes Lilties appear as one of the Alfitaria Caravanners.

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