CCTCB wiki icon Alfitaria Capital City is where the seat of power of the Alfitaria Kingdom is located. It is a thriving center of commerce, politics and fine arts, and the location where most of the Lilties live. Through most of the game, Layle is allowed into a handful of public locations in the city.

Locations Edit

Capital Gate Hall Edit

The Gate Hall is the entrance to the city from the Queen's Garden.

After beating the game once, Layle Moogle can be found here and spoken to, allowing the player to replay the storyline's minigames.

Clock Plaza Edit

Shuttle Central Platform Edit

Alfitaria city can be generally divided between the ground level Lilty 'residential area' and the 'towers' that have a variety of facilities on their multiple levels. The major towers include the Central Tower, the Commerce Tower, the Industrial Tower, the Legislative tower and the Palace Tower. All towers are connected via crystal shuttle trains.


A station where shuttle trains can be boarded to take passengers around the city. Shuttle trains are the only mean to reach locations such as the Fountain Park Avenue and the Royal Library.

A moogle shopkeeper whose business is named "Alfitaria Gift Shop" can be found here, selling Nuts, Leatherworks and Prisms.

Palace Tower Edit

The highest building in the city, and where the royal family lives. The Lilty Crystal hovers above it.

Layle visits this location near the end of the game to attend the great ball.

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