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Alfitaria is a kingdom in the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series ruled by Lilties. It is located in the Vale of Alfitaria.


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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles[]

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My first visit to Alfitaria. Huge buildings, crowded together. Lots of strange people hurrying about. To me, they all look the same. They all wear the same hunted expression, as though something is chasing them down.

Caravan Diary Entry

It is the main city in the Vale of Alfitaria. Because of this diversity, Alfitaria is home to almost all of a travelers needs, including a direct lane toward Shella. The largest city in all the continent, Alfitaria boasts a diverse, though Lilty-dominated, urban population. Alfitaria is ruled by a royal family; that during this time liege is the half-Clavat/half-Lilty Princess Fiona.

When the Tipa Caravan first arrive to Alfitaria, many of the Lilties don't think highly of the Princess while Clavats opinion on the Princess is positive. Knocfelna, Princess Fiona's guard, will also be found trying to locate the Princess. He asked the Tipa Caravanners for their assistance and after a long journey, Princess Fiona returns to continue her duties. After these events, the Lilties celebrate the return of Fiona and no longer hold a negative opinion against her.


Item Shop
Name Price
Meat 40 gil
Fish 40 gil
Spring Water 20 gil
Milk 20 gil

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers[]


Alfitaria is ruled by Princess Althea while her father is sick. The city is a thriving metropolis and a shuttle train system is used as a means of transport between the Royal Library, Fountain Park Avenue, The Royal Stadium, and the Airship Docks. The Queen's Garden is set at the front of the gates to greet all travelers into the city. Its army is commanded by Jegran.

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