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I don't care if it'th in front of the royal throne, or before the very gateth of hell! Troupe Mayakov will continue to danthe no matter what the thircumthantheth!


Alexei Mayakov (マヤコフ・アレクセイ, Mayakofu Arekusei?) is a non-playable Hume dancer in Final Fantasy XI. He is the notoriously flamboyant leader of the eponymous Troupe Mayakov, a dance group considered to be the finest in Vana'diel. He kept spirits high during the Crystal War by providing entertainment to the Alliance of Altana. He and his dancers also joined Allied forces on the battlefield and applied their art to the campaign against the Beastmen.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Mayakov TCG.png

Mayakov appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game.


  • Mayakov came in twentieth place in a Final Fantasy XI NPC Popularity Contest held by Square Enix in June 2013. Current players of the game were given an opportunity to vote for their favorite NPC and share ideas for stories involving these characters.
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