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The Kingdom of Alexandria is a fine country, ruled by Queen Brahne.

Alexandria Emblem FFIX Art

Alexandria is both a kingdom and the capital of that kingdom, and for a time the capital of the Alexandrian Empire, on the planet of Gaia in Final Fantasy IX. The city is centered on a plateau in the northern Mist Continent, extending out over the Zamo and Gunitas basins.

A monarchy, it is ruled by Queen Brahne Raza Alexandros XVI with Princess Garnet Til Alexandros XVII as its heir. Alexandria is known for its all-female army led by General Beatrix and a group of male knights in charge of protecting the city, known as the Knights of Pluto led by Captain Adelbert Steiner.


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FFIX PC Alexandria 1

Alexandria's location above the Mist.

According to the Final Fantasy IX Ultimania[1], Alexandria was founded around the year 800 after the other civilizations on Mist Continent collapsed. After Mist began appearing on the continent, its civilizations succumbed into warfare, eventually destroying each other. Alexandria was born out of the destroyed civilizations' remains and was the first kingdom built on high elevation, above the Mist. At this time, the summoners still lived in Alexandria.

Around 500 years ago Alexandria was destroyed by a failed summoning experiment. To prevent this from happening again, said eidolon's summoning gem was divided up into four pieces, one given to each of the ruling kingdoms on the continent, and one was kept by the summoner tribe who left the Mist Continent, migrating to the Outer Continent.

Despite most of the civilization having settled above the Mist, smaller scale conflicts continued, mainly between the three major nations: Alexandria, Lindblum, and Burmecia, with Lindblum and Alexandria having a long history of recorded wars. In year 1389, legendary General Madelene of Alexandria took on the Lindblum Army with nine soldiers in the 9th Lindblum War. The 15th Lindblum War was fought in year 1601; a statue was later erected in the market square in Alexandria to commemorate "The Three Heroic Knights of Pluto" who fought in this war.

Alexandria and Burmecia fought a war around thirty years ago. According to a dummied bit of dialogue, the king of Alexandria perished in this war.[2] In the meantime, Mist-powered airships were invented and produced in Lindblum, tilting the power balance on the Mist Continent in Lindblum's favor. In year 1771, Regent Cid Fabool VIII of Lindblum intervened in the war with Lindblum's airship armada, in what became known as the Airship Revolution. Alexandria and Lindblum began diplomatic relations, and the wars that had been plaguing the continent came to a stop. South Gate and the Berkmea cable cars were built, so airships and travelers could pass freely between the two nations.


The town of Alexandria.

When the kingdom celebrates Princess Garnet's 16th birthday, a show is put on by the Tantalus Theater Troupe: a performance of Lord Avon's famous play I Want to Be Your Canary. The Tantalus Troupe is actually hired by Regent Cid Fabool IX of Lindblum to kidnap Princess Garnet to ask her about her mother's recent unusual behavior.

In a twist of events, Garnet wants to be kidnapped because she believes her mother has been acting strangely. Tantalus member Zidane follows Garnet to one of Alexandria Castle's towers as she attempts to flee from the city. The two grab the theater ship's lines and swing onboard, but Steiner, the captain of the Knights of Pluto, pursues them.

All three end up on center stage. The play continues with some impromptu acting, until the black mage Vivi runs on the stage and casts Fire on the guards, which accidentally hits Garnet, making her remove her disguise and exposing her. Now that Garnet is exposed to the public, Tantalus prepares the engines for departure, but Queen Brahne orders her soldiers to attack the ship and summon a Bomb onto the decks, which explodes. The theater ship is able to escape Alexandria, but crash-lands in the Evil Forest.

Alexandrian Soldier Artwork

Alexandrian soldier artwork.

Alexandria is closely linked to the powerful regency of Lindblum, and when Garnet and the others arrive there, they converse with Regent Cid, who is worried about the queen's behavior. It is later discovered that Brahne has been under Kuja's influence, a weapons dealer of sorts, who persuades her to take over the Mist Continent to further his own schemes. Burmecia becomes Alexandria's first target, and most of the its population is wiped out in the battle for the country.

When Garnet, Steiner, and Marcus return to Alexandria to confront the queen, they are trapped by Zorn and Thorn and are subsequently arrested. Brahne has a sleeping spell cast on her and orders Zorn and Thorn to extract the eidolons from Garnet for her own use. Once the eidolon Odin destroys the city of Cleyra, Zidane, Vivi, and the Burmecian Freya Crescent warp into Alexandria Castle via teleportation pods on the Red Rose airship.

They join Steiner in liberating Garnet from the castle basements. They fight Zorn and Thorn who are easily defeated and flee the battle. Zidane grabs Garnet and they exit the basement. They are confronted by Beatrix who battles and defeats them once again. Beatrix sees the unconscious Garnet and uses her magic to wake her up. No longer trusting Brahne, Beatrix switches to the party's side. She and Freya fend off a slew of Bandersnatches set upon them by the queen. Steiner decides to stay and defend Beatrix and Freya, knowing that the queen will execute them. The party splits at the castle antechamber: Zidane, Vivi and, Garnet flee to Treno, while the others stay to slay the Bandersnatches. After the Battle of Lindblum, Brahne controls all of the Mist Continent and readies her naval fleet for the Outer Continent, intending to get rid of her former ally Kuja an achieve total world domination.

FFIX PC Battle of Alexandria 1

Alexandria under attack.

The subsequent battle between Kuja and the Alexandrian navy by the Iifa Tree is disastrous for Alexandria. Brahne summons Bahamut to kill Kuja but he was only slightly damaged. In retaliation, he uses the Invincible to control Bahamut and use him to attack the fleet instead, starting with Brahne. After being mortally wounded by Bahamut, Queen Brahne comes to her senses, deeply regretting her actions and is relieved to be finally free from her lust for power. She perishes on the Outer Continent shores, and Garnet prepares to be crowned the new monarch. Kuja orders Bahamut to torch the city and during the attack, the eidolon Alexander defends the castle, summoned by Eiko Carol and Garnet, who have brought its four crystal fragments together.

After Alexander destroys Bahamut, Kuja's master Garland appears with the Invincible and destroys Alexander along with the city and the castle. The devastation shocks Garnet to such degree she becomes mute. Vowing to avenge her kingdom she joins Zidane and the others in hunting down Kuja to discern his true intentions.

After the party rescues Cid's estranged wife Hildagarde Fabool from Kuja's Desert Palace, Garnet returns to Alexandria and visits her mother's grave. She recovers from her muteness and cuts her hair short with Zidane's dagger as a symbol of moving on from her loss. Garnet and her new friends hunt down Kuja and Garland and put an end to their schemes, and she returns to Alexandria to rule. The town is rebuilt to its former glory, as some time later Tantalus returns to perform I Want to Be Your Canary and Zidane and Garnet are reunited.

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The city is not as large as Lindblum, so there is no need for an air cab service. This is partially because Alexandria isn't as technologically advanced as Lindblum. The way to get around town is on foot. Alexandria's setting over a lake separates the castle from the city proper, and a rowing ferry serves as transport between the two.

The city is badly damaged after a story event, but residents begin to rebuild, allowing the city to be partially explored later.


A section of the main street.

Main street

The game begins here on the main street, with Vivi watching the M.S. Prima Vista cross the city. In the south, the street leads to the town exit that has a statue in the middle of the square. North leads toward the castle. The street is lined by residences and a tavern. The player can race against Hippaul in a minigame here for a brief time when the player is in control of Vivi after the events in the Outer Continent. Among the cobbled streets, there is a mosaic of Alexandria Castle with a star shining above it, alluding to Alexandria Castle's secret.


Morning Star Bar.


The pub is found along the main street. The player can find some gil here on the floor and get a tutorial for playing Tetra Master if they find Alleyway Jack in the alley. When the player is in control of Vivi in Alexandria after returning from the Outer Continent, they can find Zidane here.


Town Square.

Town Square

The town square is at the center of town. The north leads to the castle, and there are shops and an inn around the square. The ticket office in the middle checks patrons' tickets when they come to see I Want to Be Your Canary. The player can play the jump rope minigame at the start of the game and obtain the Alexandria card from a girl after Alexandria has been attacked.

There is a Phoenix Pinion in the wagon in the top left.


The inn.


The inn is located by the town square and is run by Hippaul's family. The guests' rooms are upstairs, and there is a balcony overlooking the town square from the inn. The inn is packed at the beginning of the game due to the performance of I Want to Be Your Canary at the castle.


Ruby's theater.

Mini Theater

After being left behind in Alexandria, the Tantalus member Ruby opens a mini theater in the alley, but she has trouble finding good actors. She hires Lowell Bridges, the star of the Theater District in Lindblum, but upon seeing Ruby's tiny theater, Lowell does nothing but complain of how his talents are being wasted. The item to be obtained to solve the Mognet Central sidequest is obtained from Ruby after hearing the clue that the item is somewhere in Alexandria.


Alexandria Steeple.


Kupo, the local moogle, makes his residence here and can record the player's progress as a save point. At the start of the game, Stiltzkin visits Kupo before embarking on his travels, and he can be found in the steeple again near the end. The player starts the Mognet quest here by receiving a letter from Kupo, who also plays a role during endgame if the player does the Mognet Central sidequest; Kupo will hint that the required item is somewhere in Alexandria. After Alexandria has been attacked, the player can play the jump rope minigame here if either Vivi or Eiko is in the party. Hippaul has hidden some Tetra Master cards in the bell. The player can find a Tent here in the beginning of the game.


The rooftops of Alexandria.


Puck leads Vivi on the rooftops of Alexandria from the steeple during the pair's attempt to sneak in to watch I Want to Be Your Canary. Using the ladder, the two can get across gaps between the buildings, and there are treasures to be found in the houses' chimneys.

Alexandria Castle[]

Alexandria Castle is the most prominent landmark of Alexandria with its enormous crystal pillar in the middle. The castle is the home of the royal family and is guarded by the Knights of Pluto, as well as members of Squad Beatrix. The castle has vast libraries, a dungeon, and an ancient underground tunnel leading to Treno.


Disc 1
Disc 3

Phoenix Pinion, Hi-Potion and Elixir can be bought from Stiltzkin for 777 gil.


I Want to be Your Canary scenes[]

The player can partake in a sword fight minigame as part of the play near the beginning of the game. There is also a short extra ending scene related to the play.

Jump rope[]

Jump rope is a minigame the player can participate in as Vivi in Alexandria at the beginning of the game by approaching the girls jumping rope to the left of the ticket booth. Later, the girls relocate to the steeple, and Eiko can also play at this point. The minigame yields rewards such as gil, rare cards, and a rare key item. The field icon indicates when the player should jump. The rhythm of the game varies as the player gets a higher total.

Meeting with Alleyway Jack[]

Alley-Way Jack from FFIX Remastered

Vivi meets with "Alleyway Jack".

At the beginning of the game, the player can hear rumors of an "Alleyway Jack" who knows a lot about Tetra Master. The player can meet him in the alley west of the town square, but if the player lets Alleyway Jack walk across the screen and leave the area, they miss the chance of talking to him. After meeting him, the player can talk to him in the tavern, and he will explain he rules of Tetra Master.

Find a missing cat[]


The cat found.

At the beginning of the game there is a boy called Tom who has lost his cat, Mittens, near the steeple by the lake. The cat can be found in the very first area of the city, where the statue stands in the middle. Talking to the boy after having found the cat nets the player the Bomb card.

Hippaul's hidden cards[]


Hippaul's treasure.

Hippaul has hidden his Tetra Master cards at the top of the steeple. If the player looks there at the beginning of the game, they find generic monster cards, but if they check back later, they will find eidolon cards for Shiva and Ramuh.


The player can start the Mognet sidequest by accepting a letter from Kupo in the steeple at the start of the game. During endgame the player can start a chain of deliveries to complete the Mognet Central quest, where the letters eventually point that the item Artemicion needs to fix Mognet is in Alexandria. After getting this clue, the player can get the Superslick key item from Ruby in the mini theater.

If the player attempted the jump rope minigame with Vivi at the beginning in Alexandria, and skipped at least 50 times, when the player meets Mosh (while controlling Steiner) in Alexandria Castle, he will have received the following letter from Kupo:

Skipping Champion Appears!

From Kupo to Mosh

There was a kid who skipped
[#]* times in a row today!
It was amazing! Kupo!
How did he do that?
Can Mosh skip [#] times?
My best record is [#]!

The number is based upon the player's highest record in the minigame. Kupo's record is always the third of Vivi's.

When the party first meets Mosh in the Alexandria Chapel, he will have a letter:

Rumor about Princess Garnet

From Kupo to Mosh

Kupo! What's going on in Alexandria!?
Soldiers are everywhere!

I heard a rumor that Princess Garnet
returned to Alexandria!

Princess Garnet left the castle, but
I guess she [still believes/suspected][note 1]

  1. When Queen Brahne captures Garnet, the player is given a choice answer. If they say "Believe her", this letter will say "still believes". If they say "Don't Believe her", this letter will say "suspected". Queen Brahne!

Mosh sends a letter to Monty, who has escaped Evil Forest to Pinnacle Rocks: The letter the party delivers from Mosh to Monty:

Escaping Evil Forest

From Mosh to Monty

Monty! Were you able to escape Evil Forest? Kupo!

I think this continent is heading for
some serious disaster! It might be
too late by the time we realize it.

The letter the party delivers from Kuppo to Kupo:

The Most Important Thing in Life

From Kuppo to Kupo

Fossil Roo is very comfortable!
I like it here. Kupo!

We play hide-and-seek every day!
The most important things in life
are to work hard and play hard! Kupo!

After getting Kuppo's letter, Kupo will have another letter:


From Mogrika to Kupo

Even Moogles want to look beautiful!

I use my special item very carefully.

You don't come across it very often.

It's very special to me, Kupo!

After Zidane joins the party, Kupo will have another letter:

My Vagabond Life

From Stiltzkin to Kupo

Alexandria is a great place to be.
It's comfortable and fun.

The travel bug stung me once again.

So, I'm going on another trip.

If the player played the Hippaul racing minigame in Alexandria, Kupo will send a letter to Mogrich in Treno's Knight's House:

New Champion

From Kupo to Mogrich

There's an amazing new champion sprinter
in the town of Alexandria!

The sprinter's name is [Hippaul/Vivi][note 1].

He's amazing! Remember his name! Kupo!

  1. If the player beat lv. 60 in the Hippaul minigame, Vivi will be the name. If not, it's Hippaul.

After the party returns from Terra, Kupo has a letter to Atla in Burmecia starting the sidequest to restoring Mognet Central:

Something Missing

From Kupo to Atla

I heard we haven't received any mail lately,
because the machine in Mognet Central
broke down, kupo.

It's supposedly a complicated machine.

They're missing something that makes
the machine run smoothly, kupo.

The letter the party delivers from Noggy to Kupo is the final letter in Mognet:


A letter from Noggy to Kupo

I now know what's needed to run the machine
In Mognet Central! It's "Superslick"!

I heard a rumor about it!
The rumor said that someone in Alexandria
Has it! That’s what I heard! Kupo!
Find it and send it to Central right away!

Racing Hippaul[]

Hippaul can be challenged to a footrace as Vivi after the party returns from the Outer Continent. The race is available for a short time only, and the opportunity to race him ends as the player agrees to see Ruby's play. Hippaul can be found on the main street in Alexandria. The player controls Vivi and must press Square and Circle in succession to beat him. Prizes include the rare key item Athlete Queen as well as Genji and Ribbon cards.

Nero Brothers' gambling minigame[]

The Nero Brothers host a gambling minigame in Alexandria's weapon shop when the party returns to Alexandria from the Outer Continent. The minigame is only available when the player controls Zidane. The minigame is a shell game: the three brothers will shuffle their positions and ask the player to identify one of them. After a correct answer, the player is given a choice to continue or stop and receive a reward. After a wrong answer, the player loses the money they paid for the game. The only reward is gil, and the prize sum rises all the way up to 25,600.

The player can use the Start to pause the game during the shuffle to make it easier.

Blu Magic[]

Outside Alexandria on the world map the party can encounter Bombs and Bandersnatches. Quina can eat them to learn Mustard Bomb and Pumpkin Head, respectively.


Doug's Item Shop is the only store available at the beginning of the game, and at that time, it does not stock Hi-Potions, Echo Screen, Soft, Remedy or Annoyntments.

Alchemist's Synthesis Shop[]

Item Price Components
The Ogre 700 Mage Masher, Mage Masher
Exploda 1,000 Mage Masher, Mythril Dagger
Rune Tooth 2,000 Mythril Dagger, Mythril Dagger
Angel Bless 9,000 Mythril Dagger, Gladius
Cotton Robe 1,000 Wrist, Steepled Hat
Silk Robe 2000 Silk Shirt, Bandana
Magician Robe 3,000 Mage Staff, Magician Cloak
Desert Boots
(after the party has Blue Narciss)
300 Leather Hat, Leather Shirt
Yellow Scarf
(after the party has Blue Narciss)
400 Feather Hat, Steepled Hat
Glass Buckle 500 Glass Armlet, Leather Wrist
Germinas Boots 900 Desert Boots, Fork
Cachusha 1,000 Magus Hat, Rubber Helm
Coral Ring 1,200 Lightning Staff, Rod
Gold Choker 1,300 Linen Cuirass, Soft
Magician Shoes 1,500 Germinas Boots, Bone Wrist
Barette 1,800 Needle Fork, Barbut
Power Belt
(after the party has Blue Narciss)
2000 Glass Buckle, Chain Mail
Madain's Ring
(after the party has Blue Narciss)
3000 Bone Wrist, Stardust Rod
Fairy Earrings 3,200 Magic Armlet, Soft
Extension 3,500 Lamia's Tiara, Multina Racket
Reflect Ring 7,000 Anklet, Madain's Ring
Anklet 4,000 Gold Choker, Peridot
Feather Boots 4,000 Magician Shoes, Phoenix Pinion
Black Belt 4,000 Twist Headband, Survival Vest
Pearl Rouge 5,000 Moonstone, Elixir

Doug's Item Shop[]

Item Price
Potion 50
Hi-Potion 150
Phoenix Down 150
Echo Screen 50
Soft 100
Antidote 50
Eye Drops 50
Remedy 300
Annoyntment 150
Tent 800



Enemies Frequency AP
Mountain Disc 1–3:
Bandersnatch 20% 2
Bandersnatch x2 30% 2
Lizard Man 12.5% 1
Lizard Man x2 12.5% 2
Skeleton 12.5% 1
Skeleton x2 12.5% 2
Disc 4:
Bandersnatch 12% 2
Bandersnatch x2 18% 2
Lizard Man 8.75% 1
Lizard Man x2 8.75% 2
Skeleton 8.75% 1
Skeleton x2 8.75% 2
Dracozombie 35% 3
Forest Disc 1–4:
Bandersnatch 14% 2
Bandersnatch x2 21% 2
Bomb 15% 1
Bomb x2 15% 2
Mandragora x2 17.5% 1
Mandragora x3 17.5% 2

The bottom of the Mist Continent world map areas are known as Zamo Basin, Edgecry Coast, and Togull Beach.

Enemies Frequency AP
Grassland (Day) Disc 1–3:
Serpion 25% 1
Serpion x2 25% 2
Ironite 50% 2
Disc 4:
Serpion 17.5% 1
Serpion x2 17.5% 2
Mistodon 14% 2
Mistodon x2 21% 3
Malboro 30% 3
Disc 4 Chocobo Tracks:
Serpion 14% 1
Serpion x2 14% 2
Ironite 12.5% 2
Mistodon 15% 2
Mistodon x2 22.5% 3
Malboro 22% 3
Grassland (Evening/Night) Disc 1–2:
Hedgehog Pie 25% 1
Hedgehog Pie x2 25% 2
Abomination 25% 1
Abomination x2 25% 2
Disc 3:
Hedgehog Pie x2 30% 2
Hedgehog Pie, Vice 40% 2
Vice x2 30% 2
Disc 4:
Hedgehog Pie 25% 1
Hedgehog Pie x2 25% 2
Abomination 25% 1
Abomination x2 25% 2
Mountain Disc 1–2:
Bandersnatch 20% 2
Bandersnatch x2 30% 2
Lizard Man 12.5% 1
Lizard Man x2 12.5% 2
Skeleton 12.5% 1
Skeleton x2 12.5% 2
Disc 3:
Bandersnatch 20% 2
Bandersnatch x2 30% 2
Lizard Man 12.5% 1
Lizard Man x2 12.5% 2
Axe Beak 12.5% 1
Axe Beak x2 12.5% 2
Disc 4:
Bandersnatch 12% 2
Bandersnatch x2 18% 2
Lizard Man 8.75% 1
Lizard Man x2 8.75% 2
Skeleton 8.75% 1
Skeleton x2 8.75% 2
Dracozombie 35% 3
Beach Disc 1–4:
Gigan Octopus 50% 3
Whale Zombie 50% 3
Forest Disc 1–2:
Dracozombie 100% 3
Disc 3:
Bandersnatch 20% 2
Bandersnatch x2 30% 2
Mandragora x2 25% 1
Mandragora x3 25% 2
Disc 4:
Worm Hydra 50% 3
Dracozombie 25% 3
Zombie x2 12.5% 2
Zombie x3 12.5% 3
Marsh Disc 1–3:
Adamantoise 50% 3
Clipper 20% 1
Clipper x2 30% 2
Disc 4:
Adamantoise 50% 3
Clipper 10% 1
Clipper x2 15% 2
Dracozombie 25% 3

During battle for Alexandria[]

Tetra Master[]

Tetra Master
Location: Win: skipping 200 times (Alexandria Square, Steeple; disc 1/3/4)
Gamble Grecchio (Treno Card Stadium; disc 3)
Librarian (Daguerreo 2nd Floor; disc 3-4)
Engineer Zebolt (Daguerreo 2nd Floor; disc 3/4)
Black mage no.192 (Black Mage Village; disc 4)
Strong Phantom (Memoria Lost Memory; disc 4)
Gift: Girl (Alexandria Square; disc 3-4)

Musical themes[]

While neither Alexandria nor its castle have official themes like the other nations on the Mist Continent, three different themes play whenever the party visits Alexandria. "Vivi's Theme" plays when the player has control of Vivi at the beginning of the game before I Want To Be Your Canary is performed.

"We're Thieves" plays during the party's visit after returning from the Outer Continent. "Unrequited Love" becomes the nation's main theme for the rest of the game, starting when Zidane laments about being in love.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy XIV[]

A nation modeled and named after Alexandria appears in Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

Alexandria is present as a room for preset characters of the game's Multiplayer Mode Online Lobby.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT[]

Alexandria was added as a stage in the arcade release via update on 16th March.

The battle takes place in the Town Square, with the Ticket Office acting as a platform in the circular stage. The golden sky reflects the opening of Final Fantasy IX when Vivi explores the town, and the Prima Vista can be seen arriving at Alexandria Castle.

Midway though battle, the sky turns to night and smoke appears in the distance on parts of the town, and Alexander is summoned and spreads its wings, with the red moon directly in front of the blue moon to give it a glowing halo appearing behind it, alluding to the Battle of Alexandria.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy[]

Alexandria appears in the Field Music Sequence of "Over the Hill", and as the Battle Music Sequence during the Mist Invasion for "Something to Protect."

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call[]

Alexandria returns in the FMS and BMS for both songs.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

FFBE Alexandria FFIX
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Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Itadaki Street[]

In Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable, Alexandria is present in this crossover between Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy as a stage.

Other media[]

One of the rooms from the Online Lobby in Dissidia Final Fantasy is named Alexandria.

According to his concept art in the Final Fantasy XIII-2 Ultimania, Gilgamesh found his Excalibur in a hidden room in Alexandria.

Behind the scenes[]


The pub in Alexandria.

During the later stages of development character designer Toshiyuki Itahana did overpainting of large prerendered background images, including adjusting colors in areas of the background were intended to stand out more, or lowering the color saturation in areas that didn't need much scrutiny from players. In Alexandria's pub, the color saturation is adjusted so that places where the player can move, or where characters will be placed, are well lit, while the rest have their color saturation adjusted so dark that they're almost gray. The stairs are also broken to keep the player from trying to go upstairs.[3]


By the Steeple area.

There is a notice board in the "By the Steeple" area whose message changes at parts of the game. Initially it advertises the possibility of watching the play for free from the rooftops, a message from the "Proletariat Patrons Movement". After the player plays the jump rope minigame at least three times before going to see the play, the notice board message changes to a list of the player's three highest scores. After the party returns from the Outer Continent, the notice board message asks donations for rebuilding Lindblum by the "Lindblum Aid Association".

At the beginning of disc 3, when Vivi reunites with Zidane, the player can leave Alexandria and see it from the world map, before it is destroyed. This is the only time in the game the player can do this.

Alexandria has a dummied balloon minigame where Vivi would have collected balloons within a time limit, different colored balloons yielding different points values.[4]


Backgrounds and screenshots


Alexandria is a city founded and named by Alexander III of Macedon, and is the second largest city in Egypt. However, its name probably derives from the in-game lore, as it is the resting spot of the powerful eidolon Alexander.