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Alexander - The Heart of the Creator, known by players as A11, is the third turn of the Raid Raid Alexander: The Creator in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward.


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Heeding Roundrox's innocent words, Alexander spreads forth its wings of time, swooping you and your bewildered companions three years into the past. There, you witness with your own eyes—and, in a shocking turn of events, help to bring about by your own hand—the tragedy that befell Mide and her companions that fateful day. Is time truly naught but a circle—the past, present, and future long since preordained—as the mad goblin prophet would have you believe? In the face of daunting odds, you press onward, that you might yet seize control of your own destiny.

In-game Description


None can deny the wandering minstrel's inimitable way with words, nor the manner in which his penchant for embellishment and exaggeration has rendered your triumph over the primal Alexander all the more triumphant—and the insurmountable odds over which you did prevail all the more insurmountable. Reach back into your memory and relive your adventure inside the steel giant as it will live on in the hearts and minds of all who hear the tale!

In-game Description

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  1. Clear the Power Supply Line
  2. Defeat the Cruise Chaser


The Atrium[]

Core Production[]

Within the Core Production the party comes across Actuator 0's who attack the party.

Energy Conduit[]

After going down a rail line are more Actuator's that attack the party.

The Ventricle[]

Main Generators[]

Within the Main Generators lies the protector of the Heart of the Creator, Cruise Chaser.

  • Optical Sight- Orbs will appear around Cruise Chaser and depending on how many will affect this mechanic. If there are two orbs the very edge of the arena is safe, if there are multiple, then there will be two AoE's that explode in a circle around the arena and finally the middle.
  • Right Laser Sword- 180 degree cleave to the right of Cruise Chaser.
  • Left Laser Sword- 180 degree cleave to the left of Cruise Chaser.






  • Tarnished Alexandrian Spring
  • Tarnished Alexandrian Lens
  • Tarnished Alexandrian Crank



Players can obtain the following Achievements from completing the Heart of the Creator:

  • Mapping the Realm: Alexander III

Musical themes[]

Cruise Creator's boss theme is called "Exponential Entropy"; elsewhere, the standard Alexander themes play.


Behind the scenes[]

The Cruise Chaser is based on the recurring summon Ark, which first appeared in Final Fantasy IX, where Alexander played a prominent role. Ark was based on the airship from Cruise Chaser Blassty, which is the namesake of the Final Fantasy XIV enemy.

Cruise Chaser Blassty is a sci-fi video game developed by Square Co., Ltd., in which the player controls a giant mecha in a war between Earthling rebels and an oppressive government which controls the entire solar system.