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Alexander - The Eyes of the Creator, known by players as A9, is the first turn of the Raid Raid Alexander: The Creator in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward.


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Raised from the waters by the thrice-mad Illuminati, the steel colossus Alexander yet towers over the Thaliak, bleeding the hinterlands dry with a thirst for aether that will not be slaked. The time has come for action. As Y'shtola and Master Matoya seek to magically sever the primal's death grip on the land, you will take to the skies with Cid in hopes of securing an ingress through the colossus's mighty pate. The realm itself cries out for succor—will you rise to answer its call?

In-game Description


None can deny the wandering minstrel's inimitable way with words, nor the manner in which his penchant for embellishment and exaggeration has rendered your triumph over the primal Alexander all the more triumphant—and the insurmountable odds over which you did prevail all the more insurmountable. Reach back into your memory and relive your adventure inside the steel giant as it will live on in the hearts and minds of all who hear the tale!

In-game Description

Spoilers end here.


  • Arrive at the Cranial Plate
  • Open the main hatch
  • Enter Alexander


The Tipped Ewer[]

The Midas Unit[]

Upon dropping off of Cid's airship the party arrives on The Midas Unit, and upon arrival are attacked by Alexandrian Gliders, Goblins tasked with defending Alexander. Upon their defeat the party rides the jets of stream up to the top of Alexander.

The Cranial Plate[]

The top of Alexander is guarded by Faust Z, who comes flying in to face the party.

  • Kahlstrahl- Occasional hard hitting tank buster.
  • Panzershreck- Raid wide damage.

The Cranium[]

Life Support[]

Within the life support sector lies Refurbisher 0, a hulking mass of metal that defends this sector from intruders.

  • Scrap- Occasional buster on the main tank.

Throughout the fight lie enemies and power generators, on occasion a section of the arena will flash with arrows. This signifies the section will soon turn into lava, and melt down any of the inactive enemies in the section. Players must power up enemies not in the section and drag them over to the section that is turning into lava. The enemies must be defeated before the section is dunked in lava or they will explode and deal damage.

  • Stockpile- there will be enemies that lay across the four sections throughout the fight, if they aren't melted then they are absorbed into Refurbisher, who increases his damage and gains more abilities the more it has absorbed.
  • Scrap Burst- Before this attack comes out, red AoE's will appear above players heads and a rock will drop down, to avoid damage, players will need to hide behind these rocks or gain a concussion debuff.
  • Scrapline- Boss will cleave 75% of the arena, the only safe spot is behind him.
  • Double Scrapline- if the boss has two of its arms it will do this ability, and nowhere is safe.

Near 70% of its health, the boss will summon Full-metal Faust, who will tether to the boss and make it receive less damage, this enemy must also be defeated and brought to a section that is being dunked in lava before it is absorbed within the boss.

  • Scrap Bomb- Stack marker.
  • Scrap Storm- Raid wide AoE that should wipe the party when Refurbisher has all its parts.



  • Alexandrian Glider
  • Faust Z
  • Refurbisher 0
    • Vangob Scrap
    • Panzer Doll Scrap
    • Gobtank Scrap
    • Full-metal Faust




  • Tarnished Alexandrian Bolt
  • Tarnished Alexandrian Chain
  • Tarnished Alexandrian Pedal



Players can obtain the following Achievements from completing the Eyes of the Creator:

  • Mapping the Realm: Alexander I