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Alexander - The Breath of the Creator, known by players as A10, is the second turn of the raid Alexander: The Creator in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward.


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History itself stands in the balance as the steel colossus is revealed to have the inconceivable power to transport its occupants through time and space, a power which the Illuminati are all too eager to use to rewrite the past and remake the future in their own twisted image. With time quite literally of the essence, you must find passage to the very heart of the colossus, where the unfortunate Roundrox—the key to Quickthinx's dark plot—is being held captive. Once more unto the breach, Warrior of Light!

In-game Description

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  • Alexandrian Strider
  • Alexandrian Collider
  • Alexandrian Hider
  • Gobwalker
  • Lamebrix Strikebocks
    • Gobpress R-VI
    • Goblin of Fortune




  • Tarnished Alexandrian Bolt
  • Tarnished Alexandrian Lens
  • Tarnished Alexandrian Pedal



Players can obtain the following Achievements from completing the Breath of the Creator:

  • Mapping the Realm: Alexander II