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Alexander is Hope's Eidolon in Final Fantasy XIII. He is a non-elemental bipedal robot who can transform into a fortress. He has the highest starting SP of all Eidolons, making him the perfect companion for his fragile summoner.


Alexander's Gestalt mode.

Alexander is a tall, golden humanoid with dark blue accents. In Gestalt Mode, Alexander becomes a fortress that arcs around the edge of the battlefield while Hope gives him orders. Alexander is the series's staple Holy-elemental summon. Though Holy is not an element in Final Fantasy XIII, Hope's full ATB skill, Last Resort, seems inspired by the Holy spell as seen in many previous entries to the series, thus making Alexander a fitting Eidolon for him.

The writing in Alexander and his summon symbol reads (in Latin written in Etro script):

By the grace of Etro, stand fast your walls of stern judgment. Come forth, fortress of sanctity.
Fortified virtue. Shattered iniquity.
A name in blood, a pact of light. Alexander shall rise, his bond eternal and unyielding.


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Final Fantasy XIII[]

Bahamut attacks in the Fifth Ark.

Eidolons reside in Valhalla, the middle realm between the mortal realm and the unseen realm of the dead. They respond to Goddess Etro, who reigns this realm and sends the Eidolons out to l'Cie who struggle with their Focus.

Days after the party arrives on Gran Pulse, Lightning's party remains in Vallis Media with Hope opting to gather food with the chocobo chick. When the chick returns to camp in alarm, the party hurries to find Hope unconscious. That night, the party discusses the option of heading to Oerba to find a way to remove their brands.

Hope tells them to leave him behind as he is scared they will get hurt because of him, and inadvertently summons Alexander. Lightning and Fang come to Hope's aid with Lightning telling Hope the Eidolon is not an ordeal but a gift, not there to kill his summoner, but to show him he has the power to get back on track and continue on. Hope's eidolith materializes as a brilliant star, and from this point forth he can summon Alexander to aid him in battle by taking the eidolith crystal from his brand and shattering it.

As they later return to Cocoon, they crash a grand prix event in Eden and summon their Eidolons to make their way through. After Cocoon falls and is crystallized, the party's l'Cie brands are removed, and Hope presumably loses his ability to summon Alexander.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII[]

Alexander and Odin.

The Eidolons aid their former allies in the final assault on the god Bhunivelze. After the end of time and the beginning of a new, god-free universe, the Eidolons disappear to reincarnate, bidding farewell to their former masters.

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Alexander is fought by Hope, Lightning, and Fang in the Vallis Media.

Alexander yields to those who amass chain bonuses, to those who heal the wounded, and to those who strengthen their allies. He casts Doom on Hope at the beginning of the battle.


Alexander uses strong non-elemental physical attacks and draws in all enemy attacks. He has the highest starting SP, but is slow moving around the battlefield and takes longer to act than the other Eidolons, in some cases being late in healing Hope.

Alexander's Gestalt Gauge increases by driving up enemy chain gauges, bestowing status enhancements, removing status ailments, and restoring HP. In Gestalt mode, Alexander transforms into an immobile fortress hugging one edge of the battlefield. Whenever Alexander is summoned, executing gestalt or unleashing his final gestalt attack, a somewhat faint, angelic organ pipe can be heard. His concept is Tactical Commander.


Alexander has 4 ATB slots. The Eidolon's rank is the sum of Hope's current Crystarium level and the number of roles Hope has advanced to level 5.

8 38062 1056 1056
9 64200 3114 3114
10 77900 3648 3648
11 85690 4012 4014
12 94260 4414 4414
13 99999 4855 4855
14 99999 5341 5341
15 99999 6142 6142
16 99999 7371 7371


Ability ATB Cost Description
Steelcrusher 1 Inflicts physical damage on one opponent.
Obliterator 1 Inflicts major physical damage on one opponent.
Soaring Uppercut 1 Inflicts physical damage on one opponent and launch them in the air while staggered.
Blast Punch 1 Inflicts physical damage on one opponent from long range.
Explosive Fist 3 Inflicts physical damage on opponents within a wide radius.
Lofty Challenge 1 Provokes nearby enemies.
Curaga 1 Fully restores summoner's HP.
Arise Auto Fully restores summoner's HP and removes all status ailments.

If there is at least one enemy who is not provoked and can be provoked, Alexander uses Lofty Challenge. Otherwise, Alexander targets the same enemy as Hope and uses Steelcrusher twice followed up with Soaring Uppercut finishing with Blast Punch. He'll use Obliterator on enemies with high hitboxes, Soaring Uppercut on a target that can be launched, Blast Punch on distant targets, and Explosive Fist on groups of enemies.

Alexander will use Lofty Challenge on unprovoked enemies, unless Hope is a Sentinel. If Hope's HP is below 70%, he will cast Curaga. If either his HP or the Eidolon's SP reaches 0, he will cast Arise before being dismissed.

Gestalt Mode[]

Ability ATB Cost Move PS3/360 Description
Purification 4 Up X/Up A Deal physical damage to enemies and inflict Deshell.
Earthquake 4(2) Down X/Down A Deal proximity-based damage that's more effective on distant enemies, while launching staggered ones. Chainable by repeating input.
Brutal Sanction 4(2) Left or right X/Left or right A Deal magic damage to nearby and falling enemies. Chainable by repeating input.
Retributive Blast 5 Circle/B Damage enemies in a wide area, launching staggered foes and inflicting Deprotect.
Divine Judgment All Triangle/Y Deal weakness-specific damage to all enemies.

Unlike other Gestalt abilities, Purification and Brutal Sanction do not ignore resistances.

Divine Judgment raises the chain gauge by a various amount based on level prior to dealing damage:[1]

Level 1: 8.00 * 1 + 18.00 * 2 + 19.00 * 3 = 101.00
Level 2: 8.00 * 1 + 18.00 * 3 + 19.00 * 4 = 138.00
Level 3: 8.00 * 2 + 18.00 * 5 + 19.00 * 6 = 220.00

Divine Judgment deals more damage based on the target's weaknesses:

  1. If the target is weak to physical or magical attacks the final damage becomes Normal damage * 2.00
  2. If the target is weak to at least one element the final damage becomes Normal damage * 2.00
  3. If the target has either Deprotect or Deshell the final damage becomes Normal damage * 1.89

The effects are cumulative. If the target is weak to at least one element, weak to either physical or magical attacks, and has either Deprotect or Deshell the final damage will equal:[2]

Normal damage * (2.00 * 2.00 * 1.89) = Normal damage * 7.56

"Normal damage" refers to the amount of damage that would have been dealt without the modification.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

Ability Cards
Legend Cards
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Final Fantasy Artniks[]

Alexander card.
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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]


Bahamut is an enemy whose abilities may be imparted to the delegation's units as Soul Break skills.

Mobius Final Fantasy[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Alexander appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as Wind-elemental summon cards.

Triple Triad[]


Alexander appears on Triple Triad cards in the version available via Final Fantasy Portal App.

Behind the scenes[]

Alexander does not appear in Final Fantasy XIII-2, but the Final Fantasy XIII-2 Ultimania Omega guidebook includes unfinished renders of a storyboarded sequence where multiple Alexanders fought Caius Ballad in the game's opening FMV where he attacked Valhalla. This scene was cut due to time constraints.[3]


Alexander, along with the other Eidolons, has been made into action figures in the Final Fantasy Creatures Kai Vol. 3 series. These figures cost ¥6,240 a piece.


Concept art


"Alexander" is a common western name of Greek origin, the original name being Ἀλέξανδρος (Alexandros), "Protector of Mankind". Alexander III, better known as Alexander the Great, was a famous Macedonian king and military conqueror.