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Aleria is a 29-year-old Clavat from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates. She is the mother of the twins Yuri and Chelinka, and wife of their father Latov. She was once the royal court's leading practitioner of the crystal arts and was called the Starsinger.


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Aleria had an older sister named Meria and both were Starsingers. Meria later fell in love with Kolka, the Selkie king, but died after giving birth to a daughter, Tilika. Aleria become a mother figure to Tilika; she taught Tilika the ways of Starsingers and trained her in how to use the power of the crystals.

In addition to being a Starsinger, Aleria was also an oracle. Galdes used her power to extract the power of the Great Crystal, so that he could be the Lunite King. She is reborn in the world of her children, as she had predicted to her husband, Latov, while she was captured by Cu Chaspel.

In the Multiplayer version, she is found trying to cook. Apparently, Yuri helps her cook. This is featured in the alternate reality at the end of the game in Single player. This can only be viewed if the player finishes the game on their own.

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