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The Aldore Emperor also known as simply The Emperor is the ruler of Aldore and a major antagonist in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Season Two. He is the latest successor of Vlad's ruthless and oppressive legacy, governing Aldore and most of Paladia with an iron fist. The Aldore Emperor resides on Aldore's seat of power, the Aldore Tower.



The Aldore Emperor wears a black cloak that covers him completely, only revealing his mask. Underneath the cloak he dresses much like a Magus in full black. He has dark red hair and wears purple lipstick.


The Aldore Emperor, just like his predecessors starting from Vlad, is ruthless and power-hungry and oppresses his people. His regime is so cruel and vicious that little hope for a better future remain with most of the world being a victim of his governance. His cruel regime has sentenced many to a torturous death.

He is the current overseer of the Orders. His power and influence are notorious across the world with people living in a constant state of fear of him, and the mere thought of opposing the emperor is scary enough for people to prefer death and the current abusive status quo over ever trying to defy him.


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Early life

The Aldore Emperor is one of many emperors to follow Vlad's inhuman governing ideas. Governing most of the world with an iron fist, there is little peace in Paladia as people live in fear of him and Aldore. Akstar once attempted to overthrow the emperor with many allies, but they were felled and Akstar was left permanently scarred, losing an arm and a leg.

Other attempts on his life have ended in failure not only as a result of the Emperor's power, but also because of the Magic Wall that protects him from all damage. Mombert and his friends, Hess' Four Sages, tried to assassinate the Emperor when they were 15, but it ended in utter failure and Mombert was left the only survivor. For the next 40 years Mombert tried to find a way to nullify the Emperor's protection.

Prior to the revived Sworn Six of Paladia's arrival, the Emperor encounters Rain in an assassination attempt in the Aldore Tower. Having defeated Delta Star Demoldoa, Rain attempts to attack the Emperor, but is overwhelmed by his great magic power. Witnessing Rain's determination and finding some use in him, the emperor offers him a choice to join the Orders, or to be killed by his hand. Rain joined the Orders and took the name "Hyoh."


The Emperor's headquarters are invaded by the revived Sworn Six of Paladia who have returned to Paladia after 700 years of banishment in Lapis. After learning Paladia has become a hellscape under the Emperor's rule, the Sworn Six vow to overthrow him. The Emperor communicates telepathically with them, offering them a place serving Aldore as slaves. He gloats how the Orders have replaced the Sworn Eight as the "chosen ones of this era".

The path to the Emperor is blocked by Hyoh and several high ranking Orders members who one-sidedly defeat the Sworn Six (according to the Japanese version this happened because the Orders had the battle data of the Sworn Six). Hyoh imprisons the Sworn Six, deeming them unworthy of killing.


Following the defeat of Nazuu on Gungam, the Emperor orders Hyoh to kill Lasswell (Rain's old friend from Lapis who has come looking for him) to avoid further interference. Hyoh attempts it, but is faced with opposition from Sol who believes Hyoh to be Rain, and the two fall from a cliff. Hyoh denies being Rain, and to make his point injures Lasswell's companion Fina with her wound crystallizing. Akstar and Sol repel Hyoh, allowing them to teleport away. Hyoh is then accompanied by Nagi who wants to help him.

At the Energy Extraction Station, the party attempts to heal Fina's crystallization but is blocked by Nagi. The party defeats Nagi and is faced by Hyoh whom Lasswell duels. The two clash in a manner similar to that of Rain and Lasswell before, with Lasswell unleashing the Absolute Mirror of Equity to best Hyoh. Lasswell asks Hyoh's identity, but Hyoh swats him away and escapes with Nagi.

A projection of the Emperor appears before the two to chastise Hyoh for his failure as he had thought Hyoh had the potential to surpass the current Alpha, Beta and Gamma stars of the Orders. Hyoh rejects defeat and unleashes a power, pleasing the Emperor who expects great things from Hyoh.


The Emperor hosts the Order of Aldore tournament and is amused by the spectacle for the first time in many years. He gloats when Lasswell's group, along with "him", passes the first round, as Lasswell is unaware of a traitor among his companions.

When Lasswell's group qualifies for the next stage of the Aldore Order in the city of Visectrum, the Emperor appears in person giving a public speech to remind people that the absolute power of Aldore has allowed Paladia to live in peace for 700 years, and that it is this quality that makes an Emperor worthy. Should a person with great power appear before him, the Emperor declares he would relinquish the throne without a second thought.

The Emperor watches the next battles of the Aldore Order while Mombert and the visions of Hess Four Sages raise a Magic Barrier that nullifies the Emperor's paling. Mombert decides to attack the Emperor himself to have his revenge, and teleports next to him. The Emperor is surprised and realizes his protection is gone. Mombert channels his magic and attempts to destroy both himself and the Emperor, but this fails as the Emperor repels his power and burns him.

The Sworn Six watch in horror and Raegen decides to challenge the Emperor himself. The Emperor is amused that Raegen is still bent on fighting despite the trashing he took back in the Aldore Tower. Raegen retorts that he will keep trying so long as scum like the Emperor is alive. The Emperor puts on his hat, ready to fight the Sworn Six leader.

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The Emperor is faced as a boss during late Season Two. He uses a plethora of spells like Flare, Darkga and can inflict status ailments and grant himself resistance to physical damage.

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