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Aldis, Sword of Nald is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy XIV. A former gladiator, he appears throughout the Gladiator class quests.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Aldis is a highlander hyur with black hair and a goatee, he has a noticeable scar on his left cheek. He wears a red open shirt and wields a red and black sword named Frenzy.

Personality Edit

Aldis is seen as carefree and reckless returning to Ul'dah and the Gladiator's guild even though he is forbidden. He is a skilled swordfighter and is flirtatious with Mylla.

Story Edit

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Early Life Edit

Aldis was a former gladiator of the Coliseum where he was partnered with his friend Leavold and together were known as the blades of Nald Thal, they had two twin blades forged by Gerolt with Aldis's blade being named frenzy. At the height of Aldis's fame it was rumored that he was fixing matches for gil and that he had the gladiator guildmaster poisoned.With his reputation ruined he fled from Ul'dah leaving his friends and the coliseum behind.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Edit

Seven years later, Aldis returns to Ul'dah where he teaches the Adventurer skills and is hunted by the Alacran. It is later revealed that the Alacran is now lead by his former partner Leavold, who plans to have him executed for attempted regicide against the sultana. Before he is executed however Mylla, other gladiators and the Adventurer come to his rescue but are stopped by Leavold and other Alacran members. Aldis duels his former partner and is seemingly losing, Leavold goes for the final blow but Aldis parries his blade and strikes him down. Satisfied with seeing Aldis suffer, he walks backwards and into the cliff below. Aldis teaches the adventurer Shield Swipe before leaving Ul'dah once more.

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Gameplay Edit

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