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Aldenard and surrounding islands.

Aldenard [ˈɔːl.də.nɑːrd] (アルデナード小大陸, Arudenādo Shōtairiku?, lit. Aldenard Small Continent) is one of the Three Great Continents on the Source in Final Fantasy XIV. It makes up the majority of the region called Eorzea, with the rest of Eorzea being the islands around Aldenard.

Westernmost of the Three Great Continents, Aldenard is currently governed by four city-states—Gridania ruling the interior forests of the Black Shroud, the sultanate of Ul'dah ruling the southern deserts of Thanalan, the Holy See of Ishgard ruling the northern highlands of Coerthas, and imperial-occupied Ala Mhigo in the mountains of Gyr Abania to the northeast.


The Black Shroud[]

The Black Shroud, also known as the Twelveswood, is a large forest in central Aldenard. Within these dense woodlands lies the city-state of Gridania; well known in Eorzea for its forestry, agriculture, carpentry and leather working trades.


In the southern reaches of Aldenard is a large arid region called Thanalan. In it's southern most reaches lies the great Sagolli Desert and far to the east is Pagl'than, ancestral home of the Amal'jaa.

The city-state of Ul'dah is located in these deserts. It is a popular location for visitors to partake in its fighting arenas and gambling halls. The Ul'dahn culture is known for its affluence. Despite historically being claimed sovereign by the sultan, it is under the rule of the Syndicate, an elite group comprising of the six wealthiest and most influential members of society.

Mor Dhona[]

Located near the west-center of Aldenard is Mor Dhona. This area is notable for a large derelict airship dominating the landscape, the Keeper of the Lake. Since the Calamity, many large crystalline deposits can be found dotting the area, including an immense Crystal Tower. As inhospitable as it is, the region has attracted many adventurers, resulting in the creation of the burgeoning town of Revenant's Toll.


This mountainous region contains the city-state of Ishgard. Originally featuring a temperate climate, the Calamity resulted in a transition to severe wintry conditions which have unrelentingly persisted in the years since.


A region to the east of Coerthas featuring a temperate climate. The Dravanian Forelands and the floating isles around the peak of the mountain Sohm-Al have long been the territory of the broods of Hraesvelgr and Nidhogg. The Dravanian Hinterlands fall outside of this area, and subsequently allowed scholars from Sharlayan to found an outpost here of the same name. Since it's abandonment, a group of goblins and adventurers have made an alliance to retake the city, dubbing the Cenotaph and area immediately surrounding it "Idyllshire".

Abalathia's Spine[]

The mountain range that takes ups the northern part of Aldenard and prevents access to it's northern coast. It's large peaks host the Sea of Clouds, upon which float numerous islands thanks to their concentrations of wind crystals.

Gyr Abania[]

In the north-east of Aldenard lies Gyr Abania, a dry and mountainous region home to the city-state of Ala Mhigo. Following the occupation of the Garlean Empire and the construction of Baelsar's Wall, Gyr Abania has remained cut-off from the rest of Eorzea for over 20 years.

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