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A master of transmutation, the alchemist can alter nature at a whim.


Alchemist is a job in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift usable by the nu mou.


Alchemists have astounding stat growth in both Magick and Resistance (which is highest of nu mou's job) without the loss of too much HP. The Alchemy moveset is mainly supportive, as only Protometeor, which deals non-elemental damage in a five-tile area, serves as a reliable source of damage. Flare is also a reliable spell, but requires two turns to cast (without Halve MP or the MP Efficiency/MP Channeling clan privileges).

Alchemists can always use items, regardless of the secondary ability slot, as they are endowed with an unique third A-Slot locked to Items, making Item Lore a good support ability choice. Alchemists cannot learn reaction abilities.

The Alchemist is a favorable primary job due to their ability to use three A-Abilities, one of which is always the Item A-Ability. A good strategy is to learn the reaction ability Critical: Quicken from the Time Mage and then change to an Alchemist since then whenever their HP become critically low they could restore their health with an X-Potion. This tactic can be used whenever the Alchemist reaches HP Critical, practically granting them infinite HP, with the exception of finishing maneuvers while they are slightly above Critical, or OHKO's.

Alchemists, along with Rangers, have the Item Lore support ability useful for their lack of healing and restoring abilities (for example: Cure and Esuna). Eureka Crystals and Grimoire Stones aren't improved since they completely restore HP and MP respectively. The potency of Knot of Rust damage may be increased for an easier boost of Dark Matter damage.

An easy way to fight Alchemists is to immobilize them since they have short magick range (Protometeor may be an exception) and then inflict Confuse or Berserk on them so they won't use magick or items freely. The player can inflict debuffs on any of enemy Alchemists' allies. Since they have Items have a tertiary A-Ability, they are prone to use restorative items, such as a Remedy, on their allies. They have low Defense, so one may want to back-attack them with a powerful all-out attack for an easy KO.

An Alchemist can have the longest Action-list possible, with a secondary A-Ability, a Scion Accessory, and either getting an Opportunity Turn, or standing beside a Chest/Quest Object.



The skills of the ALCHEMIST center on their ability to transmute and alter matter to suit their whim.

Skill Equipment Range AP MP
Astra Sage Crosier 4 200 8
Render units in a small area immune to debuffs.
Transmute Zeus Mace 1 350 8
Transmute an HP Critical unit into a consumable item.
Protometeor Scorpion Tail 3 400 8
Call a giant meteor from the sky, damaging units in a small area.
Rasp Energy Mace 3 250 8
Prey on the mind of your foes. Depletes MP of units in a small area.
Flare Lotus Mace 3 400 16
Abruptly raise the temperature of the air surrounding the target, causing a violent explosion.
Poison Druid Mace 4 150 8
Distill toxins from the air to POISON the target.
Toad Mandragora 3 450 32
Release a gas that alters the target's biology, turning it into a TOAD.


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Magick↑ Life Crosier Raises MAGICK. Increases magick damage dealt. 300
Safeguard Adamant Vest Prevents the user's weapon from being stolen or destroyed. 150
Item Lore Wizard's Hat Increases the effect potions and other consumables have on the user. 150



The word "alchemist" comes from "alchemy". An alchemist is a person who practices alchemy, the tradition of creating the legendary philosopher's stone, with which one can supposedly create gold or silver from lead, or produce an elixir of life that bestows immortality.