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Combine items and master their use.
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Alchemist-ffx2-icon The Alchemist is a dressphere in Final Fantasy X-2 and Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission. It is obtained in the Calm Lands in Chapters 2, 3, or 5 after completing the mission to clear out the Calm Lands Ruins' fiends. They wield high-tech guns, which can be powerful at higher levels. The job has low Defense and low HP, but is expert at using items for various effects.

Profile Edit

The Alchemist dons heavy armor and big boots, and has a similar clothing style to the Al Bhed.

Yuna wears a skin-tight red outfit with yellow armor strapped with brown belt on top and brown goggles on her head. Her sleeves are blue with yellow straps and large yellow shoulder pads. She wears blue and yellow knee-high boots. Her "half-skirt" is blue, yellow and red.

Rikku wears a yellow and teal skin-tight outfit with dark orange armor strapped with black belts on top and teal goggles on her head. She has large blue and scarlet shoulder pads. She wears knee-high orange boots. Her "half-skirt" is scarlet and teal.

Paine wears a skin-tight tan, purple and blue outfit with orange straps and brown goggles on her head. She has a black shrug with brown sleeves over her shoulder and large black and orange shoulder pads. She wears knee-high orange and blue boots.

Yuna's Alchemist victory pose is to use both hands to rest her gun on her shoulders, then pump her arm. Rikku spins around, pumps her arm, and then crosses her arms while resting her gun on her shoulder. Paine simply rests her gun across her shoulders.

Abilities Edit

Mastering Alchemist requires 2,249 Ability Points. Alchemist abilities cannot be used outside of this dressphere. In addition to Mix, Alchemists can use items without consuming stock via the Stash skillset. Stash has a longer charge time than the Item command, but once a Stash ability has been learned, the party member can use items through it in an infinite supply. Elixir from this skillset takes a whopping 999 AP to learn.

All items usable in battle can be mixed with Alchemist's Mix. There are a total of 4624 possible combinations with 53 outcomes. The Alchemist's Mix can be used at any time.

Their support abilities enhance the effect of items and reduce charge time.

Command abilities Edit

Name AP MP Description Prerequisite Image
Attack Initial Attack one enemy. None FFX-2 Alchemist AttackS
Mix Initial Combine two items for various results. None FFX-2 Abaddon Flame
Stash Initial Use a hidden item. Takes time, but no item are expended. None FFX-2 PotionS

Auto-abilities Edit

Name AP Description Prerequisite
Items Lv.2 30 Cuts the time to use Items by 80%. None
Chemist 40 Doubles the potency of recovery items. None
Elementalist 80 Doubles the potency of elemental items. None
Physicist 100 Doubles the potency of non-elemental items. Chemist, Elementalist

Stats Edit

Level HP MP Strength Magic Defense Magic
Agility Accuracy Evasion Luck +
3 193181741335011719
4 230201951335011719
5 267212151445011719
6 304232261545011719
7 340242461545011719
8 376262571755011719
9 412272771855011719
12 5183232920651118210
13 5523333921751118210
14 58734351021751118210
15 62135361022851118210
16 65537371123851118210
17 68838391123851118210
18 72240401224951118210
19 75540421225951118210
22 853454613261052119311
23 885464713271152120311
24 917474914281152120311
25 948485014291252120311
26 980505115301252120311
27 1011515315291252120311
28 1041525415301352120311
29 1072535515311352120311
32 1162576018331453121412
33 1191576018341554121412
34 1220596218341554121412
35 1249606418341654121412
36 1278616419351654121312
37 1306626619351654121312
38 1334636720351754121312
39 1362646819361754121312
42 1444687221381755121412
43 1471687320391855121412
44 1498707421381855121412
45 1524707621391955121412
46 1550727622401954122412
47 1576727821391954122412
48 1601737822412054122412
49 1627748022412054122412
52 1701778323422155123413
53 1725788423432255123413
54 1749798524422255123413
55 1772798723432355123413
56 1796818724442355123413
57 1819818924442255122412
58 1842828924442355122412
59 1864839124452355122412
62 1931869426452456123413
63 1952869426462556123413
64 1974879626462556123413
65 1995889726472655123413
66 2015899927472656123413
67 20368910026472656123413
68 20569010027472756123413
69 20769110227482756124413
72 21349310527492757124413
73 21539310527492857124413
74 21729510628492857124413
75 21909510727492957124413
76 22089610828492957124413
77 22269610927492957124513
78 22449710928493057124513
79 22619711028493056124413
82 231210011328503057124513
83 232810011328513157124513
84 234410111528503157124513
85 236010111628503257124513
86 237510211628513257124513
87 239110211728503257124413
88 240610311728513357124413
89 242010311828513357124413
92 246310512129513357125513
93 247610512129513457125413
94 249010612229513457125413
95 250310612329513557125413
96 251610612329523557125413
97 252810612429513557125413
98 254110712429513557124412
99 255310712529523558124412

Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission Edit

Multiple copies can be found on the ground inside the tower or bought in shops. It increases Magic, Magic Defense and Accuracy by 1 point per each level. It has a low HP growth. Alchemist allows the player to remove status effects from items consistently. Its regular attack range is three tiles ahead of the character.

Abilities Edit

Name Cost Description Range Image
(D)Item Cannon 4 MP Fire item at an enemy, effect depends on item. (Unique) 3 tiles ahead of the character.
(D)Item Mine 6 MP Detonates all items inside the room. The character can get hit if she's too close. Entire room. (Explosions: 3x3 square around each item).
(D)Item Esuna 5 HP Removes Curse and BOOM from an item. Self

Auto-abilities Edit

Name AP Description Prerequisite
Detect Enemies 40 See all fiends' location on current floor. Alchemist + Mascot
Dress Guard 40 Prevents dresspheres from being removed. Alchemist + Songstress
Magic Defense Training 50 Magic Defense goes up easier when leveling up. Alchemist + Black Mage
Marksman 75 Attacks never miss. Alchemist + Gunner + Gun Mage
Sleepproof 55 Prevents the Sleep status. Alchemist + Berserker

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Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade Edit

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