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Alchemists are experts when it comes to using items, combining attacks with alchemy to react to a variety of different situations.


Alchemist (錬金術師, Renkinjutsushi?) is one of the jobs available in Final Fantasy Explorers.


The Alchemist is unlocked in the 3★ Quest, "Aptitude Exam: Geomancer, Alchemist." It can be mastered by completing any 10 quests, then the 5★ quest "Mastery Trials: Alchemist."

The Alchemist can initially equip tomes and firearms. After mastery it can equip staves, artillery and dual firearms. It is an effective booster/healer and is capable of dealing damage.

Base stats[]

Stats Base (Mastery) Ranking
HP 3300 (3950) D
AP 1965 (2365) C
Load 180 C
Strength 40 D
Accuracy 45 F
Magic 43 C
Spirit 39 B
Focus 60 C
Defense 28 C
Mag Def 42 D
Evasion 35 F
Mobility 104 D
Luck 75 A


Alchemists are proficient in all Firearm Skills.

Their unique ability Alchemy allows them to use items for free for five seconds, but has a cooldown time of three minutes, the longest cooldown of any ability. This lengthy cooldown can be somewhat mitigated by adding the Instant Cooldown mutation. Their standard ability Itemagnifier increases the effect of items.


An alchemist is a person who practices alchemy, the tradition of creating the legendary philosopher's stone, with which one can supposedly create gold or silver from lead, or produce an elixir of life that bestows immortality.

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