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Timepiece that releases all allies from Sleep.

Final Fantasy IV description

Alarm Clock (目覚まし時計, Mezamashi Tokei?), also known as AlmClock, Alarm, Wakeup Bell or Prince's Kiss (王子の口づけ, ōji no kuchiduke?), is a recurring item in the series. It removes the Sleep status, and is usually a rare item.


Final Fantasy IV[]

The Alarm Clock cures a target of Sleep. It can be found in Lunar Ruins (Mech Set prize; 2D only) and Eblan Castle (3D only), and dropped by Floating Eye (2D and 3D), Blood Eye (2D and 3D), Eyewing Moth (2D and 3D), Hellflapper (2D and 3D).

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-[]

The Alarm Clock can be found in the Feymarch, Mt. Hobs, Sealed Cave, and Developer's Office. It is dropped by Eyewing Moth and Hellflapper.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

The Alarm Clock can be obtained from various enemies, and is usually a very rare drop.

Final Fantasy XII[]

The Alarm Clock can be bought for 50 gil at any shop, and cures a single target of Sleep status.

In the Zodiac versions, it is called Prince's Kiss, but retains the same animation and sound effect of a ticking clock.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Prince's Kiss Prince's Kiss is a key item featured in the quest The Crystarium's Resolve The Crystarium's Resolve, used to grant resistance to the sleep-inducing effects of dream powder.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light[]

The Alarm Clock can either be bought in Urbeth or Arbor for 20 G, or dropped from the Batterfly.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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