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The Alacran are a criminal organization in Final Fantasy XIV operating in the region of Thanalan, identified by their dark purple garb and their rings bearing a scorpion insignia. They serve as recurring antagonists throughout the early Ul'dah storyline and class quests for gladiators, pugilists, and thaumaturges.


The Alacran were once nothing more than a band of common thieves that plagued Thanalan. It wasn't until they came under the leadership of former Coliseum gladiator Leavold that they began to gain in notoriety. Under Leavold's leadership, the power and reach of the Alacran skyrocketed. So swift was their rise that many suspected they held connections within the Brass Blades who were meant to police them, and even within Ul'dah's governing Syndicate.

Duty, Honor, Country[]

The adventurer would first come into conflict with the Alacran when they managed to steal the royal crown of Sultana Nanamo Ul Namo. The adventurer had come into possession of a ransom note for the crown meant to be delivered to Owyne, the disgraced Sultansworn who had been on guard duty the night the crown was stolen. Desperate to regain his lost honor, Owyne acquiesced to their demands, retrieving a satchel from the treasure vaults to trade for the crown.

Accompanied by the adventurer to the exchange at the Unholy Heir, the Alacran's leader Garibald revealed that the satchel contained the Traders' Spurn, an alchemical powder capable of transforming the living into zombies that was responsible for the fall of Sil'dih. As Garibald prepared to betray the deal and kill Owyne and the adventurer, a Sultansworn unit under the command of Papashan Nonashan arrived to assist. The Alacran were defeated, and in the aftermath it was learned that Garibald's group had been acting under the influence of the Ascians.

Return of the Holyfist[]

A faction of the Alacran under Weggfarr Wideaxe came into conflict with the Pugilists' Guild after the Guild began investigating their smuggling of a narcotic called somnus. Among the Alacran's number was Rurukuta Tornstar, a disillusioned former pupil of guildmaster Hamon Holyfist. Rurukuta revealed how weak Hamon had become in his old age, causing a crisis of faith in the guildmaster. Learning of Hamon's weakness, Weggfarr, an old rival of his whom he had defeated long ago, came to the Guild to gloat and challenge the Holyfist again.

Realizing he was no match for Weggfarr in his current state, Hamon began retraining himself with the adventurer until he managed to regain his old form. When the time for the rematch came, Hamon defeated Weggfarr with a single blow. Enraged at this second loss, Weggfarr summoned his Alacran minions, leading to a brawl in the streets of Ul'dah. With Rurukuta returning to the Guild to aid them, the pugilists were able to defeat Weggfarr and the Alacran.

The Rematch[]

Upon hearing of his former partner Leavold's involvement with the Alacran, the disgraced gladiator Aldis returned to Ul'dah to put an end to the organization. Leavold in turn placed a bounty on Aldis' head when heard he was back in Ul'dah. The bounty led to rash of indiscriminate assaults and murders on sword-wielding hyuran males. This led to the Gladiators' Guild, of whom the adventurer was a member, to get involved, as it counted an increasing amount of gladiators among the victims.

A battle between the Guild and the Alacran ensued at the Silver Bazaar, where they learned of Leavold's involvement. Growing frustrated at the bounty's failure to kill Aldis, Leavold later framed Aldis for a plot to assassinate the Sultana. Finding evidence of the frame-up, the adventurer and the Guild raced to Highbridge to stay Aldis' execution. Anticipating the Guild's interference, the Alacran attacked and another battle ensued while a freed Aldis dueled Leavold, in a rematch of their Coliseum match years prior that had lead to Aldis' exile.

With Aldis and the Guild emerging victorious, Leavold gloated over the misery he had inflicted upon Aldis before taking his own life. Rather than remain in Ul'dah, Aldis departed once again to root out any remaining elements of the Alacran, and the organization seemingly faded away.


  • Leavold, Sword of Thal (Leader)
  • Garibald the Fargone
  • Gigirya the Guarded
  • Gotwin Halehex
  • Rurukuta Tornstar
  • Weggfarr Wideaxe
  • Zana Lyehga

The rank and file of the Alacran are given ironic titles named after virtues the organization does not seem to possess:


Members of the Alacran are fought in the solo duties of the following quests:

Ul'dah main scenario:

Thaumaturge questline:

Pugilist questline:

Gladiator questline:


Alacrán is Spanish for "scorpion".


  1. While the thieves encountered in "Duty, Honor, Country" are never explicitly identified as Alacran during the main scenario, the garb they wear is identical to the garb worn by the Alacran, indicating they are members of the organization.