Al Bhed Primer.

Al Bhed Primers (アルベド語辞書, Arubedo go jisho?, lit. Al Bhed Dictionary) are items in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 that solve the enciphered language of the Al Bhed, each translating one letter.

In Final Fantasy X HD Remaster, collecting one primer will unlock the "Speaking in Tongues" trophy/achievement while acquiring all primers will unlock the "Master Linguist" trophy/achievement.


Final Fantasy X

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This is a list of all Al Bhed primers found throughout Spira. "Missable" means this Primer must be taken when the player is at the location, and the player will not get another chance to obtain them on that save file. Primers XIX through XXII can only be obtained on the player's storyline visit to the location. However, they can be acquired by syncing the Primers with the Al Bhed Spheres available in the Travel Agencies.

Speaking to Rin aboard the Fahrenheit after collecting all the primers will reward Tidus with 99 Underdog's Secrets.

Volume Location Al Bhed English Missable
Al-Bhed Primer 1.jpg
Al Bhed Salvage Ship (if missed, re-obtainable in Sanubia Desert, northeastern area of the Oasis) Y A No
Al Bhed Primer 2.jpg
Besaid Village - Crusaders Lodge P B No
Al Bhed Primer 3.jpg
S.S. Liki - Power Room (if missed, re-obtainable in Sanubia Desert, tent where Wakka was found) L C No
Al Bhed Primer 4.jpg
Kilika Port - Tavern T D No
Al Bhed Primer 5.jpg
S.S. Winno - Bridge (if missed, re-obtainable in Sanubia Desert, by rubble near where Kimahri is found) A E No
Al Bhed Primer 6.jpg
Luca Stadium - Basement B V F No
Al Bhed Primer 7.jpg
Luca Theater - Reception K G No
Al Bhed Primer 8.jpg
Mi'ihen Highroad (Automatically get from Rin) R H No
Al Bhed Primer 9.jpg
Mi'ihen Highroad - Newroad, North E I No
Al Bhed Primer 10.jpg
Mushroom Rock Road - Precipice Z J No
Al Bhed Primer 11.jpg
Djose Highroad G K No
Al Bhed Primer 12.jpg
Moonflow - North Wharf M L No
Al Bhed Primer 13.jpg
Guadosalam - House S M No
Al Bhed Primer 14.jpg
Thunder Plains - Agency (speak to Rikku, then Rin inside Travel Agency before going to Yuna's room and tell Rin "Okay" when prompted) (if missed, re-obtainable in Sanubia Desert) H N No
Al Bhed Primer 15.jpg
Macalania Woods - Lake Road U O No
Al Bhed Primer 16.jpg
Lake Macalania - Agency Front B P No
Al Bhed Primer 17.jpg
Sanubia Desert - Central X Q No
Al Bhed Primer 18.jpg
Sanubia Desert - Central N R No
Al Bhed Primer 19.jpg
Al Bhed Home C S Yes
Al Bhed Primer 20.jpg
Al Bhed Home - Living Quarters D T Yes
Al Bhed Primer 21.jpg
Al Bhed Home - Main Corridor I U Yes
Al Bhed Primer 22.jpg
Bevelle Temple - Priests' Passage (can only be obtained right after the wedding scene) J V Yes
Al Bhed Primer 23.jpg
The Calm Lands - Central F W No
Al Bhed Primer 24.jpg
Remiem Temple Q X No
Al Bhed Primer 25.jpg
Cavern of the Stolen Fayth O Y No
Al Bhed Primer 26.jpg
Omega Ruins W Z No


When the player collects a certain number of primers, their Al Bhed ranking increases to a certain level.

Rank Primers
Al Bhed Hujela (Novice) 1
Al Bhed Pakehhan (Beginner) 4
Al Bhed Typpman (Dabbler) 7
Al Bhed Maynhan (Learner) 10
Al Bhed Cbaygan (Speaker) 13
Al Bhed Hydeja (Native) 16
Al Bhed Unydun (Orator) 19
Al Bhed Medanyde (Literati) 22
Al Bhed Sycdan (Master) 26

Final Fantasy X-2

Al Bhed Primers can be obtained by watching certain cutscenes which include Al Bhed, or at the excavation minigame at Bikanel.

Chapter 1

  • The Celsius - Speak to Brother and Buddy after completing the first mission.
  • Luca - Speak to Rin in Luca after completing the "Behind the Scenes" mission.
  • Djose Temple - Sign up for the desert excavation by talking to Gippal.
  • Macalania - Talk to the Al Bhed woman standing outside the shop at the lake. Must be done before the "Follow That O'aka" mission.
  • Bikanel - The player will obtain one primer upon the first visit to Bikanel. After that, all remaining primers that have not been obtained can be found through digging (this can be done in any Chapter except Chapter 4).

The player can still get the Djose and Macalania primers in Chapter 2 if missed in Chapter 1.

Chapter 2

  • The Celsius - Talk to Shinra at the beginning of the Chapter.
  • Djose - Talk to Gippal.

Chapter 3

  • Djose - The player can get two primers here. For the first, talk to Gippal before completing the "Protect Besaid Temple!" mission. The second will be obtained when the "No Way Djose" mission starts.
  • Macalania - Obtained before the "Secure the Agency" mission starts.

Chapter 4

  • The Celsius - Once the chapter starts, talk to Paine on the Deck and then go to the Bridge. This will obtain the first primer. For the second, watch the Djose and Macalania CommSphere events.

Chapter 5

  • The Celsius - After meeting with Leblanc at the Farplane, go to the Deck and trigger the scene with Brother and Buddy.
  • Djose - Must defeat the Experiment for the first time.
  • Thunder Plains - Obtained after completing the "A Fallen Genius?" mission.

Other appearances

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Al Bhed Primer is a special trade accessory that can only be obtained via Battlegen in a battle against a Friend Card of Jecht, and is used to create the Wyrmhero Blade. When the item description is translated from Al Bhed, it reads "Give my best to Y, R, and P". This is a reference to Yuna, Rikku, and Paine.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Al Bhed Primer is the Trust Reward obtained from Rikku.

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  • In Final Fantasy X, the 26th Al Bhed Primer (the translation for Z) into Al Bhed is mistakenly named as "Al Bhed Primer XVI" or the 16th (P) in the North American version. However, its function and description remains correct.
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