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Akstar is a major character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius appearing during Season Two, in the world of Paladia. Described as a wandering mercenary, he is a mysterious man of incredible strength and serves as a swordsmanship mentor to Lasswell.



Akstar is a middle aged man of fair skin, long silver hair tied in a ponytail and a distinctive eye-patch. He wears a long black coat and wields a katana.

As a result of unseen but harsh combat life, he has lost his left arm and one of his legs is prosthetic.


Akstar is an eccentric man. Although he can be serious and insightful, he frequently belittles others, calling them with weird nicknames, naming Lasswell "Lassworm," "Lassfool," "Lasspuke" or other such ridiculous titles. In the Japanese version he nicknames Sol "Sol-Nyan", ridiculing him as tender or cute.

His arrogance is not unjustified as Akstar has displayed impressive feats of power and a level of skill that vastly outmatches that of Lasswell and likely also that of Raegen. Akstar is thus self-important and even after taking Lasswell as an apprentice demands absolute respect and obedience, though he means well.

Akstar seems fearful of the Aldore Emperor.


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Akstar grew under the Aldore tyranny, so he trained hard in order to topple the Emperor. He and his friends carried out an assault which ended horribly as they all died while Akstar lost an arm and leg. Resigned to his fate, he joined The Orders as Zeno. He was eventually commanded by the Emperor to check on the people who came from Lapis in order to determine if there was anybody connected to Hess, so as to terminate the royal bloodline.

When Lasswell's party travels in Paladia searching for Rain, they come across Galas of the Omicron Star and member of the Orders hunting them for setting a prisoner free. Lasswell's party puts up a fight and seemingly beats him, but he feigns his weakness and unleashes his true power, blasting them back. Lasswell refuses to give up, disgusting the Battle Star who detests those who cling to hope. Akstar arrives and easily overpowers Galas, who retreats. Akstar mocks Lasswell's weakness akin to that of a worm naming him "Lassworm" and takes his leave.

As Lasswell's party travels to the Forced Labor Camp to look for Rain, they run across Akstar who heads in the same direction. Akstar mocks Lasswell for practicing Mirror of Equity, deeming it a flawed technique, an insult for Lasswell who respects the technique passed down from his fatherly figure. Akstar provokes Lasswell into using it on him while barehanded. Lasswell takes the bait and is deflected and injured. Akstar further provokes him by suggesting Lasswell should hire him, before departing.

Akstar later witnesses Lasswell's party surrender when a fearful prisoner whom they rescued sells them out to the guards. He alerts Nichol and Sakura to where to find their comrades. The group reunites but is threatened with the hostage situation involving a prisoner. Akstar mocks Lasswell as being weak for standing and doing nothing and demonstrates his power, using a stronger version of Mirror of Equity to slay the guards while leaving the prisoner intact. He warns Lasswell that true strength comes from being able to protect everyone no matter the situation.

The reunited group plans to destroy the prison as they search for Rain. Akstar tags along since he wants to level the place anyway. They meet Galas who guards the prison, who shares his selfish ambitions and fights them to preserve his position. Akstar stands aside, telling the party to fight by themselves if they hope to beat the other Orders, or otherwise hire him and let him take care of it. Lasswell decides to prove his convictions in finding Rain no matter the opponent they face. The party's morale aligns with him and they defeat Galas who is in disbelief at his loss. Akstar mocks his strength as that of even less than a worm. Galas gloats that the data from their battle was sent to the emperor, and with that they will be hunted by the rest of the Orders, dooming their fate. Disgusted as his disgraceful display, Akstar kills him.

Lasswell requests Akstar to teach him swordsmanship, showing begrudging respect. Akstar at first rejects the offer as Lasswell cannot pay, but eventually accepts, thinking it will be a good way to kill time. He demands Lasswell to show absolute respect to him as his master and to resist any and all unreasonable demands given to him. Lasswell accepts and Akstar thus takes him as an apprentice.

As he travels with the rest of the party in search for Rain, they visit an execution grounds where those who oppose Aldore are killed for treason. The party believes Rain would rush there to save people. Upon witnessing the prisoners being mistreated, Lasswell decides to save them, but Akstar advises against it, as he believes the prisoners will betray them to save their own skin. Lasswell is willing to do so anyway and the two temporarily part ways.

Upon reaching the main execution grounds they are intercepted by Gudon, a member of the Orders and 14th in the group's hierarchy. He reveals that the prisoners from the prison ran by Galas alerted him of the party's arrival, mocking Lasswell for his naivete on sacrificing himself for others. Lasswell is willing to be betrayed as many times as it takes to help the weak and vows to defeat the Aldorean lieutenant.

Gudon makes quick work of the party, swatting them with the iron ball from his cockpit, and attempts to kill them. Prisoners touched by Lasswell's selflessness put themselves in harm's way to save the party and Gudon kills them. Akstar strikes Gudon, admitting that Lasswell was right to put his trust in people and encourages him to defeat his enemy. The party defeats Gudon.

As Rain is nowhere to be found, some alert them about Gungan and to go there for clues, although they are required to go by chocobo.

After a long travel most of the party suffers from back pain and Lasswell has it worse with nausea. He refuses to throw up, believing Akstar will call him "Lasspuke". Akstar approaches Lasswell with this nickname and gives him a fruit to calm his urges, but warns Lasswell all too late about the fruit's infamous sourness.

As the group continues they meet Kunshira, aide to King Yasha, who reveals the civil conflict that plagues the nation following a terrorist attack that undermined peace procedures. Lasswell's group decides to aid the Naturia clan investigate the circumstances behind King Yasha's decision to ban entry to the hunting grounds.

While the group travels Akstar and Lasswell sense a malignant presence and decide to investigate. Lasswell, familiar with the source, discovers it is none other than Sol. Akstar is impressed by his malice and admits even he would have a difficult time against the mad sage. The group accuses Sol of being responsible for the desertification of the land and challenges him to prevent him from reaching Rain. Lasswell tries to strike Sol, but Akstar stops him as he realizes Sol was laying a trap that would have killed Lasswell. Sol reveals the desertification is a natural phenomenon as a result of the Crystal sustaining the hunting grounds having dried up. The sage joins Lasswell's party to search for Rain and Lasswell reluctantly agrees since it allows them to observe him.

The party returns to the Natura capital where they discover a major battle against the Shibyra is soon to occur and join the fray. Raegen, who along the Sworn Six of Paladia joined the Shibyra, proposes a duel to avoid casualties. Lasswell accepts much to the surprise of both father and son. Knowing there is something deeper, the two fight while explaining their respective sides of the conflict. The battle catches the eyes of everyone present until Raegen wins. This calms both sides to a stalemate until the truth behind the incident is revealed.

While on the Natura capital, Raegen confronts Akstar, infuriated he mocks Lasswell with ridiculous names. Akstar is bewildered that Lasswell told him, and asks if he also told Raegen that he called Mirror of Equity defective, which Lasswell denies doing. Internally Raegen confirms that his signature technique is flawed and realizes Akstar is a competent fighter for realizing that. He requests Akstar to keep mentoring Lasswell. Akstar demands that he be allowed to nickname Lasswell as much as he pleases as a condition, and Raegen accepts, admitting that he's curious, much to Lasswell's puzzlement.

Both parties join to discover the truth and come across Fong, aide to King Palte of the Shibyra, who is none other than Nazuu, a member of the Orders, who escapes with a special machine core that allows him to desertify the land. He plans to use a reactor to dry all of Gungan and destroy it. Both parties catch up to Nazuu who uses the core to power a monster to keep the party at bay. Lasswell's party fights the monster while the Sworn Six defeat Nazuu. The Battle Star makes a final attempt at destroying Gungan, but Lasswell attacks him from above, killing him.

Having resolved the conflict and with the clans reaching a peace agreement, the parties split for their respective goals.

Lasswell's party travels to Crystallis as Sol senses Rain's presence in the land. Akstar and Lasswell spar and Lasswell is beaten. Akstar tells Lasswell he's being clouded by his emotions and irritation regarding Sol and Rain, and that he should pursue true strength without clinging to these emotions. Lasswell requests Akstar to teach him the True Mirror of Equity, but Akstar dismisses the idea as he calls the technique flawed. He explains that he grew up with the legends of the Sworn Eight of Paladia and trained to become like them and met like-minded individuals, developing the ability in the process. They had challenged the Aldore Emperor to overthrow him but had failed, which cost Akstar the life of his friends and sustained grave bodily injuries. Given the True Mirror of Equity was useless, he claims this is why the technique is flawed and encourages Lasswell to achieve true strength.

On another sparring session Lasswell dodges and lands a blow on Akstar, earning rare praise. Akstar believes Lasswell is no longer a Lassworm, but before he can continue Sol requests a battle. Akstar accepts the challenge and Lasswell joins him. Akstar and Sol continue it solo with Akstar gaining the advantage and defeating Sol. Sol is amused, claiming he will have him as he leaves. Lasswell is left impressed that Akstar could beat Sol. Akstar points out that while Sol is certainly an enemy, he's a not a bad person and his motives are pure despite his malignant exterior.

As the party reaches a Kappa Village growing weaker due to the influence of the Barrier Station, the party takes a detour to deactivate it. Sol believes Rain can be felt there and when the station is deactivated, he senses Rain and rushes with the party in pursuit. They find Hyoh, the 4th in the Orders' hierarchy, with the mission to destroy Lasswell. Sol believes Hyoh to be Rain and clashes with him, but is injured. He makes another push and the two fall through a climb.

The party finds Hyoh and Sol and are confused about whether Hyoh is indeed Rain. Lasswell admits he can feel something in Hyoh that is familiar with Rain, but cannot ascertain whether the two are the same person. Hyoh states he's not Rain and makes his point by striking Fina down. Akstar plans to duel Hyoh to buy Sakura time for the party to teleport and tells the party to go without him. Sol tries to kill Hyoh himself but is dragged back by Lid who protests that Hyoh isn't Rain. Annoyed, Sol blasts Hyoh with a wind spell, allowing Akstar to join the party and escape.

Akstar continues with the party and continues to train Lasswell, whom seems to adjust to the silly nicknames. However one training session has Lasswell suddenly awaken his Hess bloodline power and surprise him (And Sakura) with his power. When the tournament for the orders comes in Aldore, Akstar makes his intention to leave the party to compete himself, causing conflict with the others who do not wish to clash with him, however he is adamant in seperating, eventually telling Lasswell that he is no longer his master and that he must be ready to face him for real in the tournament, showcasing his "True Mirror of Equity" that he never showed him before as a gesture of how serious he is.

During the elimination rounds he works with the group very loosely out of convenience for himself but flatly refuses any warm gesture from Lasswell till the latter finally accepts that he must stand on his own against him and refer to him as an equal rather maintain a master-discipline relationship, with Akstar happy he finally gets it.

The fight finally comes where Lasswell fights Akstar, the pair evenly matched at first, however Akstar unleashes his "True Mirror of Equity" on his former pupil, however Lasswell unleashes his own Hess bloodline power and returns the ability back against him to stop it. The pair continue to duel until Lasswell downs Akstar with a new technique he invents from all of Akstar's lessons, "Final Mirror of Equity" and successfully downs him. Akstar is proud of his protege for defeating him, however it is short lived as Lasswell goes to take on the Emperor, but Akstar joins the emperor's side of Zeno of the Beta Star, sending the group into shock of disbelief, especially Lasswell.

Zeno, explains he joined the party on the Emperor's orders. Although the revelation is shocking, Zeno proves his point by attacking Lasswell with killing intent, which Lasswell blocks but blowing his morale. Fina and Rain confront Zeno while Lasswell collects his thoughts as he finally fights him. Lasswell and Rain then activate their royal bloods, but they cancel one another. Before Zeno gets to do anything, the Children of Hess bombard the arena with Airships allowing the party to escape.

Following the declaration of war on Aldore by Hess, Zeno remains at the Emperor's side to command several operations. Eventually Zeno and Lasswell fight again with Lasswell proving to be a fitting match to the Beta Star with the latter cryptically saying he's not convinced Lasswell has the necessary strength to defeat the Emperor, leaving Lasswell puzzled at what his intentions are.

Although loyal to the Emperor in the surface, during the race for the Weapon, however he remains highly secretive to Levnato of how he knows the Mirror of Equity technique, as only Raegen (It's inventor), The Emperor, Rain and Lasswell (All taught by Raegen) should know it.

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Akstar's job is listed as Swordsman, while his role in combat is Physical Damage. A 5-7★ Rare Summon, he is obtainable in the Japanese version and to be released in the global version on May 10th of 2019. He can equip daggers, swords, greatswords and katanas, along with hats, helms, clothes, light armor, heavy armor, and accessories. Like the other so-called CG units, Akstar's Limit Burst ("Deadly Sword: Rainfall") is a special FMV-like sequence with a powerful effect. He appeared as a guest unit in his own introduction quest as well as several stages from his own, as of yet unreleased, story event.

His alter-ego Zeno, is available as a unit in the global version of the game. Also a Physical Damage role unit and a 5-7★ Rare Summon. Unlike Akstar who focuses on "True Doublehand", Zeno is a "True Dualwield" unit, centering on using two one handed weapons.

Akstar also appears as an enemy during the main story. He serves as a boss battle in three stages of Main Colosseum.



  • Akstar's Limit Burst, Deadly Sword: Rainfall, is unique amongst the CG units in that it shows a written poem:


隻手 隻眼 隻脚に
積年の業 引っ提げて
止まぬは時と 小夜時雨
月下に降らすは 千の太刀


Sekishu sekigan sekkyaku ni
Sekinen no gō hissagete
Yamanu wa toki to sayo shigure
Gekka ni furasu wa sen no tachi

English translationEdit

With one arm, one eye, one leg,
Shouldering the karma of countless years
The march of time halted by an evening shower,
A thousand blades rain in the moonlight


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