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Akira Oguro (オグロ アキラ, Oguro Akira?) is an anime character designer who has done work for Square Enix. He first worked as a storyboard artist for Square Pictures in the CGI movie, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. Oguro was the main character designer for Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, and the artist for the book covers of the Final Fantasy IV and The After Years novel adaptations. In addition to this, he also drew some wallpapers on the official Japanese website for the DS version of Final Fantasy IV. Oguro has also done some of the card illustrations for Lord of Vermilion II. His anime credits are numerous, including work on the landmark series Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Works within the series[]

Title Role(s)
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Storyboard Artist
Final Fantasy IV (3D) Art Director
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Character Design
Lord of Vermilion II Card Illustrator
Final Fantasy Dimensions Character Design
Final Fantasy Dimensions II Phantom Stone Illustrator