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Akame Valley.

Akame Valley (アカメの谷, Akame no Tani?) is a location in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It's located to the northeast of Matagi. It's not actually a valley but a mountainous area instead.


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Jinnai defeats four Ninjas.

The Warriors of Darkness comes to this area under Tobikage's guide to find Jinnai. They come accross a fight between Jinnai and four Ninjas. He defeats them and disappears. Continue to the highest point of this area, the warriors meet Jinnai again. He tells them to leave before disappearing again. Tobikage and other ninjas immediately catch up with the warriors and find out that Jinnai has escaped again. The ninjas go after Jinnai while Diana tells her teammates that if Jinnai is probably not wicked as he didn't attack them back then. They follow the ninjas guide and leave this area before heading to Tower of Trials.

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Item Place
Wizard's Rod Chest
Shuriken Chest x2
Heavy Lance Chest
Diamond Bangle Chest
Cottage Chest
Ether Chest