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Akagi, also known as Akagi the Sound, is a non-player character in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. He appears in the Ninja questline, and is the retainer of Yuki Yatsurugi.


Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

Akagi is first met alongside Princess Yuki Yatsurugi in Strangers in a Strange Land Strangers in a Strange Land shortly after she dispatches the bandits who had cornered both her, the Warrior of Light, and Oboro Torioi. He tries to insist that she accept the help of Oboro's guild, but Yuki refuses, insisting that the shinobi of Doma are why her family's treasures are missing, as they ultimately betrayed Doma to the imperial invasion. She leaves, but Akagi lingers, asking the Warrior of alight to assist them anyway, as Yuki deserves to see the value in asking for help.

He asks the Warrior of Light to meet him and Yuki at Memeroon's Trading Post, where he tells them of a black market tip that Yuki is pursuing. He only realizes the princess has wandered away after he is finished talking. The Warrior of Light uses smoke bombs to clear a path for Yuki as she investigates a Salthounds’ ledger in the Poor Maid's Mill.

Akagi requests their help again when Yuki decides to investigate where her family's jade jewel has been located, at Oschon's Embrace. Akagi is in clear distress, as Yuki is being chased by enemy guards. The Warrior of Light gives chase, where they find Yuki cornered by an unfamiliar adversary in the Salt Strands. He reveals himself to be Redway, a young shinobi who covets the Yatsurugi's family treasures. As the Warrior of Light is rejoined by Oboro and Akagi, Redway makes his escape. Akagi insists that Yuki is grateful for their assistance, and Oboro informs him of Redway's schemes as the two pairs separate.

After Jacke Swallow provides a tip about the Salthounds, Akagi and Yuki are met in the Dock Storehouse where Oboro makes his home. They make the discovery that a woman named Rosalinde of the Truehounds is spying on the group through Redway, likely following them to learn where the treasures are for herself. Yuki proclaims she needs no further assistance, explaining that she is traumatized by her previous vassals giving their lives to protect her when Doma was invaded by the Garlean Empire. Akagi insists that he is loyal to her not out of duty or because of coin, but because he genuinely wishes to see her safe. He says that if she refuses further help, he will cut open his stomach and become another dead body meant to protect her. He begs that she trust the shinobi, which she finally concedes, though demands they do not try to give their lives for her.

Oboro discovers that the Midare Kanemitsu dagger was bought by a collector and is being brought north, so they must attack and reclaim it while it is in transit. Oboro sends Yuki and the Warrior of Light to purchase lavender incense from Kyokyoroon in Limsa Lominsa to knock the pirates out when they smoke their pluto. As they shop, Yuki sees newly arriving Yatsurugi vassals, which enrages her. Akagi arrives just at the same time, but is immediately pulled away by Yuki to hide.

In Fisherman's Bottom, the Warrior of Light switches the pluto for the incense. The four shinobi stowaway on the Truehounds’ ship, arriving in the Dravanian Forelands where the buyer is. As they search the crates for the dagger, Akagi is wounded by lingering guards at the same time Yuki locates the dagger. Redway appears, holding the four hostage as his crew slowly wakes back up. Akagi offers to give himself as ransom, but Yuki steps forward and allows herself to be taken. Distraught but alive, Akagi begs for Oboro and the Warrior of Light to save Yuki.

Returning home to the storehouse, Oboro and the Warrior of Light make plans to save Yuki. Akagi is still injured, and stays put, knowing he would slow them down.

Oboro plans to get himself captured, to throw Redway off and allow the Warrior of Light to arrive and save them. Akagi is initially furious that the Warrior of Light returns to him, briefly wondering if Yuki's distrust of shinobi was founded. As they reveal it is but a trick, he sheepishly takes his insults back, and joins them in saving Oboro and Yuki. In Western La Noscea on the open sea, Akagi finally uses his axe for combat, saving Oboro and Yuki with the Warrior of Light and attacking Redway and Rosalinde. They save the vassals and the dagger, just as Rosalinde kills Redway for failing. They take down Rosalinde next, and return to shore.

Akagi tends to the vassals, ensuring they are well as Yuki prepares to leave with them back to Doma.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood[]

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Akagi is a Raen Au Ra with long black hair and golden eyes. He wears a blue and white Saurian tabard of Aiming with matching gloves. He wears black Buccaneer's sarouel and tall black Carpenter's boots. In battle he swipes the battle axe Foolkiller, a single headed axe with a long red handle.


Akagi is a diligent man who takes pride in serving Princess Yuki and her house. He often frets for her safety, especially during her time in Eorzea searching for her family's lost treasures. He is willing to give up his life for her to understand the importance of trusting others, proclaiming that if he died, he would be just another body in the pile of those who gave themselves for her, leaving her even more alone than before.

He admits that his axe is mostly for show, mostly leaving combat to Yuki and the Warrior of Light.