Final Fantasy Wiki
Aisha: Ichi
MP 1 Soshi
Effect Lowers an enemy's attack stat by 15%.
Duration Varies
Casting Time 4 Seconds
Recast Time 30 Seconds
Magic Type Ninjutsu
Element Water
Jobs NIN 78

Aisha: Ichi is a very high-level Ninjutsu spell in Final Fantasy XI that lowers an enemy's attack stat by 15%. It costs 1 Soshi tool to cast.

The scroll to learn this spell can be bought in Norg for 79,380-80,262 gil or obtained from treasure chests in Vision of Abyssea areas.


The literal meaning of Aisha is "wheel of suffering" or "wheel of sorrow". Aisha (哀車の術) also means "the art of inviting the pity of others". It is a conversational trick designed to lure the soft-hearted into dropping their guard.