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He won't stop asking me to marry him!


Aisha is a non-player character in Final Fantasy VI. She is a citizen of Maranda and thus of the Gestahlian Empire. Her palette was altered for the Game Boy Advance release. Much like Arylon from the original Final Fantasy game, she has no name in the Japanese version of Final Fantasy VI, the localization team gave her a name for unspecific reasons, therefore she is only named in the English version.


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Aisha is being chase around by an unnamed Imperial soldier in the town of Maranda. Stating that he won't stop asking her to marry him. The soldier exclaim that she is his love. Once the Imperial troops pull out of town after the banquet, she mentions that she misses the soldier. In the World of Ruin, she tells the party that Lola's been receiving letters from someone, wondering if its from her boyfriend in Mobliz.

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Aisha is a variant of "A'isha". A'isha is an Arabic female given name which means "She who lives" or "womanly".

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