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There are three types of Airships in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade; there's the classic airship, the Balloon-type airship, and the special type airship. The player start out with the basic parts for the basic airship of both Airship and Balloon types, and can gain more parts as well as some Special types through various events.

Classic TypeEdit

The classic type looks like a traditional Final Fantasy airship, with a wooden hull and an old-fashioned ship model.

Required Parts: Hull, Propellers, Wings, and Empennage.
Optional Parts: Bow, Decorations, and Ailerons.

Starter AirshipEdit

Card Image Components
FFAB Classic Airship FFAB Classic Airship Hull FFAB Classic Airship Propellers FFAB Classic Airship Wings FFAB Classic Airship Empennage
Default airship.

Final Fantasy XI AirshipEdit

Card Image Components
FFAB FFXI Airship Card FFAB FFXI Airship FFAB FFXI Airship Hull FFAB FFXI Airship Propellers FFAB FFXI Airship Wings FFAB FFXI Airship Empennage
From the Final Fantasy XI event.


Card Image Components
FFAB Nautilus FFAB Nautilus Hull FFAB Nautilus Propellers FFAB Nautilus Wings FFAB Nautilus Empennage FFAB Nautilus Bow FFAB Nautilus Decoration FFAB Nautilus Ailerons

Enterprise (FFIII)Edit

Card Image Components
FFAB Enterprise FFAB Enterprise Hull FFAB Enterprise Propellers FFAB Enterprise Wings FFAB Enterprise Empennage

Final FantasyEdit

Card Image Components
FFAB FFI Airship FFAB FFI Airship Hull FFAB FFI Airship Propellers FFAB FFI Airship Empennage


Card Image Components
FFAB Dreadnought FFAB Dreadnought Hull FFAB Dreadnought Propellers FFAB Dreadnought Wings FFAB Dreadnought Empennage

Enterprise (FFIV)Edit

Card Image Components
FFAB Enterprise FFAB FFIV Enterprise Hull FFAB FFIV Enterprise Propellers FFAB FFIV Enterprise Wings FFAB FFIV Enterprise Empennage FFAB FFIV Enterprise Bow FFAB FFIV Enterprise Ailerons

Final Fantasy V AirshipEdit

Card Image Components
FFAB FFV Airship FFAB FFV Airship Hull FFAB FFV Airship Propellers FFAB FFV Airship Empennage

Balloon TypeEdit

The Balloon type airships follows the model that first appeared in Final Fantasy VI, having a balloon and propellers.

Required Parts: Hull, Propellers, Cabin, and Empennage
Optional Parts: Ailerons 1, Ailerons 2, and Decorations

Starter AirshipEdit

Card Image Components
FFAB Balloon Airship FFAB Balloon Airship Hull FFAB Balloon Airship Propellers FFAB Balloon Airship Cabin FFAB Balloon Airship Empennage
Default balloon airship.


Card Image Components
FFAB Falcon FFAB Falcon Hull FFAB Falcon Propellers FFAB Falcon Cabin FFAB Falcon Empennage FFAB Falcon Ailerons 1 FFAB Falcon Ailerons 2
From the Deathgaze's Onslaught, defeat 50 for the entire airship.


Card Image Components
FFAB Blackjack Card FFAB Blackjack FFAB Blackjack Hull FFAB Blackjack Propellers FFAB Blackjack Cabin FFAB Blackjack Empennage FFAB Blackjack Ailerons 1 FFAB Blackjack Ailerons 2
Typhon Appears, defeat 50 for the airship minus optional parts.
Deathgaze's Onslaught, defeat 70 for the optional parts.


Card Image Components
FFAB Highwind Card FFAB Highwind FFAB Highwind Hull FFAB Highwind Propellers FFAB Highwind Cabin FFAB Highwind Empennage FFAB Highwind Ailerons 1 FFAB Highwind Ailerons 2
Operation Jenova, defeat 10 for the entire airship.

Blackjack Ver.2Edit

Card Image Components
FFAB Blackjack 2 FFAB Blackjack 2 Hull FFAB Blackjack 2 Propellers FFAB Blackjack 2 Cabin FFAB Blackjack 2 Empennage FFAB Blackjack 2 Ailerons 1 FFAB Blackjack 2 Ailerons 2

Highwind Ver.2Edit

Card Image Components
FFAB Highwind 2 Card FFAB Highwind 2 FFAB Highwind 2 Hull FFAB Highwind 2 Propellers FFAB Highwind 2 Cabin FFAB Highwind 2 Empennage FFAB Highwind 2 Ailerons 1 FFAB Highwind 2 Ailerons 2

Falcon (Darill version)Edit

Card Image Components
FFAB Falcon Darill Version FFAB Falcon Darill Version Hull FFAB Falcon Darill Version Propellers FFAB Falcon Darill Version Cabin FFAB Falcon Darill Version Empennage FFAB Falcon Darill Version Ailerons 1 FFAB Falcon Darill Version Ailerons 2

Special TypeEdit

The Special type of airships cannot be modified with parts from another airship. They can either be in use or not. As such, they do not have parts listings like the other two airship types.

Name Card Image Acquired
Tiny Bronco Tiny Bronco Brigade Tiny Bronco2 Brigade Clear all quests in Calamity from the Skies.
Moogle Balloon FFAB Moogle Balloon Card Showdown ranking reward.
Chocobo Balloon FFAB Chocobo Balloon Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Event (new players only).
PuPu UFO FFAB PuPu UFO Card Facebook minigame in the Japanese version.
Magic Pot Balloon FFAB Magic Pot Balloon Card Code registration.
Fat Chocobo Balloon FFAB Fat Chocobo Balloon Card Code registration.
Black Chocobo Balloon FFAB Black Chocobo Balloon Card Code registration.
White Chocobo Balloon FFAB White Chocobo Balloon Card
Yellow Chocobo Sled FFAB Yellow Chocobo Sled Card
Red Chocobo Sled FFAB Red Chocobo Sled Card
Gold Chocobo Sled FFAB Gold Chocobo Sled Card
Bahamut Balloon FFAB Bahamut Balloon Card
Fahrenheit FFAB Fahrenheit Card
Salvage Ship FFAB Salvage Ship Card
Shera FFAB Shera Card
Lunar Whale FFAB Lunar Whale Card
Red Rose FFAB Red Rose Card
Lindblum FFAB Lindblum Card
Hilda Garde III FFAB Hilda Garde III Card
FFIII Airship FFAB FFIII Airship Card
Strahl FFAB Strahl Card
Fahrenheit Version 2 FFAB Fahrenheit Version 2 Card
Celsius FFAB Celsius Card
Hilda Garde I FFAB Hilda Garde I Card
Invincible FFAB Invincible Card
Viltgance FFAB Viltgance Card
Tiny Bronco Christmas Version FFAB Tiny Bronco Christmas Version Card
Pandaemonium FFAB Small Landing Craft Pandaemonium
Children Day's Falcon FFAB Children's Day Falcon
Light Cruiser Carbuncle FFAB Light Cruiser Carbuncle
Balamb Garden FFAB Balamb Garden Vehicle
Shera Ver.2 FFAB Shera Ver2
Nautilus Park Rides FFAB Nautilus Park Rides
Odin (3rd Anniversary) FFAB Odin (3rd Anniversary)
Bahamut (3rd Anniversary) FFAB Bahamut (3rd Anniversary)
ひなチョコボバルーン FFAB Unknown Vehicle 1
Bomb Bomb Balloon FFAB Bomb Bomb Balloon
Dreadnought Leviathan FFAB Dreadnought Leviathan
Flan Balloon FFAB Flan Balloon
FFV Airship (Summer Version) FFAB FFV Airship (Summer Version)
Lunar Whale (Ver.2) FFAB Lunar Whale Version 2
Mountain Chocobo Balloon FFAB Mountain Chocobo Balloon
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