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Airborne Trooper is an enemy in Final Fantasy Type-0 appearing in the fourth and sixth chapters.




Enemy Compendium Edit

Scientists originally intended to develop a suit that would grant soldiers mobility in all kinds of terrain, but redesigned the Type-39 Airmobile Suit for use in maneuver warfare as per the military's request, equipping the device with both a long-range rocket launcher and a close-range flamethrower. With its improved mobility and cruising range, the Type-39 more closely resembled a small aircraft than a typical mobile suit. However, engineers focused on enhancing maneuverability above all else; the Type-39's offensive and defensive capabilities thus paled in comparison to those of the magitek armor fleet. Unimpressed with the Type 39's performance, the empire halted production entirely once it sanctioned the Helldiver for use in the field.

Battle Edit

Strategy Edit

Ranged cadets have the easiest time dealing with Airborne Troopers.


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