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Air Racket in Final Fantasy IX.

Long-range combat weapon.

Final Fantasy IX description

Air Racket (エアラケット, Ea Raketto?) is a recurring weapon in the Final Fantasy series.


Final Fantasy IXEdit

Air Racket is the weakest racket, providing 13 Attack, is Wind-elemental, and teaches the abilities Scan and Panacea. It can be bought for 400 gil at Summit Station and Treno when visited for the first time, and can be equipped by Dagger and Eiko. One copy can also be found at Ipsen's Castle, on a walkway to the left of the elevator.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera OmniaEdit

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Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

A battle racket brought from the faraway world of Gaia. White mages using rods and staves is commonly known, but in the faraway world of Gaia, there are white mages that also fight using rackets and flutes. This particular racket isn't a melee weapon. It is actually a long range weapon used to cause gales as a means of attack.


Air Racket is a Staff obtained during the Final Fantasy IX event, Escape from Alexandria Castle. It provides 28 ATK, 28 SPR, and access to the spell Poisona.


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