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Causes an enemy to self-destruct upon moving. Use with the Tools command.

Final Fantasy VI description

Air Anchor (エアアンカー, Ea Ankā?) is a recurring weapon in the series.


Final Fantasy VIEdit

Air Anchor is part of the Tools command, found in the Cultists' Tower or stolen from Gamma.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

Air Anchor is a Machinist weaponskill available at level 76, dealing damage to a single enemy and increasing the Battery Gauge by 20.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Air Anchor is a level 100 machine that provides -595 HP, +79 Bravery, +67 Attack, Accessories Breakability +5%, and Wall Rush BRV Damage +30%. It can be obtained from the shop by trading 182,800 gil, Mallet x5, Gear Collection x2, and Gunner's Hope x5.

Final Fantasy ExplorersEdit

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